10 Hottest Promotional Products for Universities

Promotional products for universities are a great way to attract potential students to enroll, welcome them to the university, and drum up university pride. Whatever your reasons are for giving, Brandconnect has a wide range of promotional products for universities that will suit any occasion in your academic institution.

Scribe Spiral Notebook with Pen

There are no promotional products for universities that symbolise learning more than notebooks and pens. The Scribe Spiral Notebook with Pen is a set that consists of a 60-page spiral notebook with lined paper and a matching click pen. This combination will be useful while taking down notes during open house or during classes once they are already enrolled. Pens also get a lot of marketing mileage as they can generate an impression at a tenth of a cent.

Custom Printed Bullet Backpack

Another accessory that will never be gone from students is backpacks. They make jumping from one class to another easier as they will be able to carry all their things at once. The Custom Printed Bullet Backpack certainly does not disappoint. It has several compartments, so students can stuff their notebooks, laptops, water bottles, mobile gadgets, pens and anything else they wish to bring. Universities also get to reap a lot of marketing benefits from backpacks since they generate the most impressions out of all the promotional products for universities.

Mens Zipper Hoodie

University life can get so busy that students just dress up in their most casual and cosy outfits in order to go through their day comfortably. Sweatshirts such as the Mens Zipper Hoodie are appreciated promotional products for universities as they are comfortable. Universities score extra brand visibility points, too, since their emblem will be seen wherever the wearer goes.

Belton Flash Drive

As a student, there is always something to be printed: assignments, papers, essays and more, which is why a USB is a must. The “Belton Flash Drive”/store/product/43138-belton-flash-drive has 4GB of storage space for files that need to be printed. USB drives also tend to be kept for a long time due to its usefulness, so that universities will be sure to achieve long-term brand recognition through these products.

Oregon 5 Panel Cap

Another accessory staple is the trusty ‘ole baseball caps. Students use them to hide bad hair days, shield their face from the sun, or just to add color to their wardrobes. Our Oregon 5 Panel Cap can do all these things. Just like hoodies, they also serve as walking advertisements for the university, so they’ll help a lot in improving brand recognition and recall.

Mirage Drink Bottle – Translucent

Students go through their day juggling classes, extracurricular activities, and part-time jobs. Hydration is key to keeping them energised throughout the day. Water bottles like the Mirage Drink Bottle – Translucent will encourage them to keep hydrated the entire day. It is a 700-ml BPA-free container is resistant against impact and odours.

Lycra Phone Wallet – Heat Transfer

With everything that’s going on in a student’s life, it can be easy to lose your belongings. Make sure that wallets don’t go missing by attaching it to something as equally important like the phone. The Lycra Phone Wallet – Heat Transfer sticks to the back of a mobile device with its strong 3M adhesive. It can hold a key, credit card, driver’s license, cash, and even a pair of earbuds.

Dalek Power Bank

We all know how much students need to stay connected at all times, so it is important that their phones, tablets and other electronic gadgets stay juiced up the entire day. But how do they do that if they can barely sit still to charge up? The Dalek Power Bank will keep their devices juiced up for hours with its 2,200 mAh capacity. Mobile power banks also provide a lot of marketing benefits for the universities: each piece can generate 1,000 impressions over its entire lifetime, while 60% of the recipients gravitate towards the brand after receipt of the power bank.

Express Cup – Deluxe

Some days, students have to pull an all-nighter in order to study for exams or write theses. Help them get through these moments by giving them the Express Cup – Deluxe. It is a reusable coffee cup that they can take everywhere they go. It is also leak-proof with its secure flip closure. Universities can also choose to create the cup in their official colours with over 38,000 options available.

100% Cotton Tote Bag (7cm Gusset)

With all the free swag your university is giving away, you need a bag to hold everything together. The 100% Cotton Tote Bag is a roomy and eco-friendly bag that has plenty of surface area for your logo to be printed on. Students can also use them to carry art supplies, checked-out books from the library and more. With the usefulness of this tote bag, you can expect to generate 5,800 impressions within its lifetime.

Buy promotional products for universities to see your enrollees multiply

Promotional products for universities are the quickest way to drum up interest and buzz for your academic institution. If you want to get a feel for the products first before committing, you can order samples from us (free for Brandconnect Plus members only and with a fee for others). You can also call our hotline 02 8072 3350 for any product-related questions.