2018 Promotional Marketing Guide with Personalised Holiday Products

The yuletide season is your brand’s last hurrah for the year to make an impact on your customers, industry, and bottom line. After all, consumers tend to have looser purse strings during the holidays with the release of year-end bonuses and the infectious holiday spirit. It is for this reason why there are a lot of sales promotions during this time.

While most companies already have their holiday marketing campaign, it still couldn’t hurt to incorporate personalized holiday products into your plans to further drum up brand awareness, customer loyalty, and people interest. Here are two promotional marketing ideas that are sure to be a hit among your target market.

The 2 Promotional Marketing Secrets that Consumers Can’t Resist

12 Days of Christmas Giveaways

The 12 Days of Christmas giveaways is the best way to draw in customers through the power of corporate Christmas gifts. It runs from December 14 through 25 with each day of promotion getting better than the last to get more people hooked until the last day of the promotion. You can go about it in two ways: you can choose to give a promotional product with each purchase/after a certain amount of spending, or you can just raffle off the product to one or more lucky winner(s) each day.

Gift with Purchase

Giving a gift after purchase may be similar to the one above except that you can choose to set it for as long as you want. It is also less fussy as you can opt to give the same product during the duration of the promo, so it would mean less cost on promotional materials on your part. Whether you choose to run it for a just a day or two or the entire holiday season is up to you.

Perfect Promotional Gifts for Christmas,

Aside from holiday-themed products, such as Christmas decors, you can also give functional promotional products that people can use the whole year. Here are the best personalized holiday products to give away for the holidays.

Christmas Sweets

Featured products: Candy Cane Tube, Christmas Heart, Star Bag of Beans

There is nothing as festive as colourful Christmas sweets to make your customers keep coming back. Perfect for children and the children-at-heart.

Promotional Wellness and Fitness Products

Featured products: Electronic Jump Rope, Deluxe Multifunction Pedometer, and Promotional Yoga Mat

Some of the most popular branded Christmas gifts are those that will encourage people to meet their resolutions for the following and improve their quality of life. They can also be used all year-round, which can then give you long-term brand visibility and other marketing benefits.

Promotional Coffee Mugs

Featured products: 300ml Neon Mug, Aroma Double Walled Coffee Cup, and Himalayan Tumbler

A cup of coffee or tea starts the day of any persona. Let your logo on promotional coffee mugs be the first thing that people come into consciousness with.

Promotional Wine Glasses

Featured products: Wine Glass, Wine Decanter, Champagne Flute

Holiday parties call for a glass of spirits and bubbly. These promotional wine glasses are guaranteed to be used in these celebrations as well as other occasions throughout the year.

You can gain a lot by taking advantage of the Christmas holidays, especially with the use of personalized holiday products. If you have a custom idea for a promotional product, contact our brand guardians by phone at 02 8072 3350 or email sales@brandconnect.com.au. You can also fill up our order form to get more recommendations.