2019 Consumer Guide to Promo Drink Bottles: Brand Benefits & What To Buy

If you have to invest in one staple promotional item that will carry your brand the whole year round, let it be promotional drink bottles. Why, you ask? Here are some reasons why you should.

Promotional drink bottles never go out of style and are a useful product all year round. People from all demographics use promotional drink bottles, whether for daily use or outdoor activities.

As a country that thrives on health and wellness, promotional drink bottles are also the perfect marketing tools to reach out to the fitness and health conscious community. They are the perfect accessory to accompany them to their workouts due to their usefulness and eye-popping colours and styles.

Still not convinced? Here are statistics for promotional drinkware, according to the latest Global Ad Impressions Study 2019 by the Advertising Specialty Institute.

  • Almost everyone has a promotional drink bottle.
    Seventy-eight percent of consumers own promotional drinkware.
  • Promotional drink bottles are a hit with Gen X’ers and Baby Boomers
    A majority of Baby Boomers own a promotional drinkware item. On the other hand, promotional drink bottles increase the likelihood of Gen X’ers availing of the advertiser’s services/products by 71%!
  • Promotional drink bottles deliver a huge return on investment (ROI).
    For each promotional drinkware that costs at least $7, you stand to earn back 1400 impressions or ½ a cent for each impression.

Ready to start shopping for promotional drink bottles? Read below to find out what to look out for in terms of the make, style, and certifications.

What to Look Out for in Promotional Drink Bottles

Promotional drink bottles come in all shapes, sizes, colours, design options, and forms. We understand that it can be overwhelming to choose just one from our extensive range. Here’s a quick run-down of the things to consider to help you narrow down your search.


Promotional drink bottles can be made from stainless steel, glass, and plastic/tritan.

Promotional Stainless Steel Drink Bottles

Promotional stainless steel drink bottles are made from food-safe materials. People like them for their sturdy structure and insulation properties that retain the original temperature of your drinks for much longer.

Promotional Glass Drink Bottles

Promotional glass drink bottles deliver your beverage pure and fresh. The only downside to glass is that it can shatter upon impact. Fortunately, there are models that are created to be impact and shatter-resistant, such as the Eve Glass Bottle and 700ml Ashland Glass Drink Bottle.

Promotional Plastic/Tritan Drink Bottles

Plastic is the most common material for promotional drink bottles. You have to be careful though that the promotional plastic/tritan drink bottles you buy don’t contain bisphenol A (BPA). All our drink bottles here at Brandconnect are BPA free.

Decoration options

There are a wide range of decoration options to choose from when buying promotional drink bottles. You can choose from a simple pad print, screen print, engraving, or an extravagant full-colour wrap.

Qualities to look for in Promotional Drink Bottles


Consumers are becoming more discerning when it comes to food and beverage containers, and rightly so. These items touch the food and drinks that they will be consuming, so it is imperative that there are no traces of chemical contaminants or anything unsafe. Here at Brandconnect, we only sell food-safe promotional drink bottles made of culinary-grade materials and free from BPA.


You can find a promotional drink bottle to suit whatever your brand style is with our wide offering of promotional drink bottles. You can find promotional drink bottles of virtually any colour, make, and size on our website.

Reusable and Recyclable

Promotional drink bottles remove the need for disposable bottled water, thus reducing waste. Many promotional drink bottles are also recyclable, reducing their environmental impact. Aside from saving the planet, they also help people save money since they no longer have to buy bottled drinks whenever they need to hydrate with some H2O.

Get the maximum brand exposure all year round with Promotional Drink Bottles

Promotional drink bottles deliver not just hydration and vitality to your consumers, but also to your brand. If you want a long-term and sustainable brand exposure, use promotional drink bottles to boost your marketing campaigns. If you want to receive recommendations of the perfect drink bottles for your promotional needs, get a free marketing consultation when you complete this form. You can also get in touch with our experienced Account Managers at 02 8072 3350 or sales@brandconnect.com.au.