Discover the latest 2019 Promotional Product Trends and Facts

The promotional product industry is constantly evolving. What was popular a couple of years ago or even just last year may no longer be the hottest product this year. Take for example the fidget spinner craze from a couple of years ago. It was so popular that you almost every brand has imprinted their logo on one. Yet you can barely even see one these days.

It is for this reason why it is important that you constantly keep yourself updated with the latest trends and news about promotional products to make the maximum impact with your branding and advertising campaigns. Here are the latest promotional product updates, according to the Global Ad Impressions Study 2019 Edition by Advertising Specialty Institute.

Writing instruments are the most popular promotional products

Writing instruments have always been part of the top 5 promotional products, but this year they have emerged as the most popular due to its effectivity and affordability. Drinkware comes a close second while the former crown holder, promotional T-shirts are still part of the top three. On the other hand, umbrellas and mobile power banks are still the least popular, but they have a niche crowd that they can satisfy.

Promotional bags have been dethroned as the highest generator of brand impressions

If you want to generate the maximum brand visibility using promotional products, choose branded outerwear. Branded outerwear generates a whopping 6,100 impressions since they are usually worn in public places. Other high impression producers include headwear, t-shirts (both at 3,400 impressions), bags (3,300 impressions), and writing instruments (3,000 impressions).

Outerwear has the longest shelf life out of all the promotional products

Outerwear is kept for 16 months in general, making it the longest kept promotional products. It is no surprise that it generates the most impressions, seeing that people use them the longest. Umbrellas and T-shirts come in second with 14 months. In general, most promotional products are kept for one year on average with the exception of calendars (8 months) and writing instruments (9 months).

Usefulness isn’t the only reason that people keep promotional products

While usefulness still weighs heavy in people’s minds when asked why they keep promo items, they also highly consider the quality. In fact, quality ranks higher than usefulness in the survey across the board, both men and women of all generations.

Gen X’ers are the top hoarders of promotional products

It used to be that Baby Boomers were the generation that loves promotional products the most. Now it has changed to Gen X’ers. This is something to keep in mind when thinking of a marketing strategy to capture the attention of this generation.

Promotional products are still considered to be the best advertising strategy by all generations

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Promotional products are the least invasive and annoying out of all advertising medium. It also serves a purpose for the recipients while also getting the name of a brand out there.

Knowing the latest trends about promotional products is just half of what makes a successful promotional product marketing campaign. Knowing what works best for your industry is another. Want to try out the latest promotional products that have been specially selected for your industry for free? Join our Road Test Programme! You can use, test, and keep the products we send you. All you have to do is tell us what you think of them and if it is appropriate for your industry. For more info, contact us at 02 8072 3350 or