How big brands did their promotional marketing campaigns in 2020

This year has been a big year for promotional marketing. Since everyone was affected by the pandemic, brands have cut back on marketing campaigns for the sake of generating revenue and focussed more on building brand awareness and longevity. This is where promotional products come in since they provide more long-term branding benefits and last longer than any type of advertising. Below are ways how brands have been doing their promotional marketing throughout 2020.

1. For doing some good

The pandemic has left many victims in its wake. As such, brands and celebrities have been partnering up with not-for-profit organisations to raise funds for those affected by COVID-19.

Chandler branded apparel for WHO

Matthew Perry, who played Chandler in the classic TV show Friends, has released limited-edition branded apparel to benefit the World Health Organisation’s Covid-19 relief efforts.

Chipotle’s voter registration shirt

To promote voter registration in the US election last November, popular US fast-food brand Chipotle launched the CHI-VOTE-LE T-shirt. It featured a scannable QR code on the sleeve that directs users to register to the organization’s TurboVote platform.

Disney face masks for a cause

In the beginning of the pandemic, Disney donated one million cloth face masks for children and families in underserved and vulnerable communities across the US. They also sold them with proceeds going to Medshare, a not-for-profit organisation that donates to help hospitals in developing countries.

Get people comfortable during the most uncomfortable times

Since many people have been stuck at home during the lockdown, brands have been finding ways to reach through them and make their unfortunate home detention worthwhile.

Dunkaroo’s ‘90s-inspired branded clothing

The 90’s is making a comeback. What better way to target the millennials and Gen Z than Dunkaroo releasing limited-edition branded loungewear and normcore apparel with a ‘90s twist to it?

McDonald’s and Travis Scott’s limited-edition promo items

McDonald’s has been selling branded merchandise for quite some time now. However, their recent collaboration with the popular US rapper Travis Scott had been beneficial for both of them. Their Travis Scott apparel collection consisted of shirts, sweaters, hoodies, and tote bags that feature a nod to vintage McDonald’s marketing campaigns and messages from Travis himself. McDonald’s reported a 4.6% boost in sales for the third quarter.

Frito-Lay’s holiday apparel

To get people into a festive mood while vegging out on their favourite chips, Frito-Lay has launched a holiday merchandise shop complete with all the necessary holiday fashion, such as branded “ugly” holiday sweaters, socks, scarves, onesies, and winter hats.

The downright weird

Weird doesn’t necessarily mean bad. Weird actually helps brands stand out. Here’s how brands are embracing their weirdness with their promotional marketing campaigns.

Pepsi spa kit giveaway

Ever thought that you want to smell like Pepsi? The brand is now giving you a chance to do just that during one of your self-care sessions. They’re giving away a Pepsi spa kit that contains Pepsi-scented treats, such as a bath bomb, a sugar scrub, and a face mask.

Hormel bacon-scented mask giveaway

For the people who want the smell of bacon while wearing a face mask outside, Hormel finally has the solution for you. Hormel gave away bacon-scented masks last October in conjunction with their donation drive of 10,000 meals to Feeding America.

Hostess holiday merchandise

Hostess is a well-loved snack brand in the US. People can be quite passionate about their love for its snacks so the brand has launched their holiday merchandise this year! Diehard fans of Twinkies can finally decorate their holiday tree with their favourite snack!

Be inspired by 2020’s promotional marketing campaigns!

By learning about how brands coped with this difficult year can help you prepare for 2021. Inspired by any of these campaigns? Book a call with us to get started on your 2021 promotional campaigns!