2021 Back-to-School Must-Haves that can be used for remote & in-person classes

It is the start of the new school term! A new term means new promotional campaigns to attract new students and welcome current students back to school. However, there may be a change in the usual promotional items that you give away due to the remote learning setup. With the way things are going with the recent vaccine developments, who knows how the rest of the term or even the school year will turn out? If you’re looking for ideas for back-to-school promotions, here are versatile promo school items that are good for both remote and in-person classes.

1. Promo Headphones

Headphones have become a symbol for remote learning, together with laptops. It allows households with multiple students and parents who are remote working to co-exist harmoniously while classes and work are going on. Once the face-to-face classes are reinstated, students can still use their headphones during their downtime or while studying in the library.

2. Promo Lanyards

Lanyards are commonly used for identification cards and badges, but did you know that they can also be used to hold face masks? Children can easily lose things, lanyards can secure their face masks safely without getting lost.

If you’ve still got stocks of lanyards from the previous school terms, you can now put them to good use. Once things go back to normal, lanyards can be used again for ID cards and badges.

3. Branded Backpacks

Backpacks are the farthest things from your mind when shopping for useful items for remote schooling. However, you’ll be surprised. At one point, students may want to study elsewhere for a change of scenery or stay in another house, at which point they would need a backpack to carry their laptops and school supplies.

4. Promotional Notebooks

Just because they are mostly learning through their laptops, it doesn’t mean that students will no longer have use for notebooks. Writing by hand is the most effective way to learn as it helps them retain information. They can also use it for doodling and taking down important notes and deadlines.

5. Writing Instruments

With the appearance of notebooks on this list, it makes sense to include writing instruments as well. Since we live in a digital age, we recommend writing instruments that can double as a gadget, such as stylus pens that students can use for their tablets.

6. Custom Face Masks

While the pandemic is not going to last forever, face masks will still be the most popular wearable item among everyone for the foreseeable future. With its prominent placement on the face, necessity, and popularity, your brand is bound to score plenty of impressions.

7. Promotional Water Bottles

Hydration is essential for everyone, especially for active children. To ensure that they are hydrated all throughout their classes while also preventing spillages, give them leak-proof promotional water bottles. The good thing about them is that they can also use them during walks, exercise, and shopping.

Promotional products are the secret to successful back-to-school promotional and branding campaigns!

Despite what’s been going on, you can still strengthen your brand while also promoting school pride with back-to-school branded merchandise. If you need help to create a back-to-school promotional marketing plan, book a call with our Account Managers through this link.