Unique Christmas Gift Ideas that will WOW Clients, Customers and Staff

If you have no idea what to give to your target audience this year, here are the perfect Christmas corporate gift & giveaway ideas for all budgets that will help your brand finish the year with a bang!

For budgets under $10

It’s been tough for so many businesses the past few months and gift-giving is the last thing on their minds and budgets. However, they can reap plenty of long-term and short-term benefits with corporate gifts and giveaways this season, such as improved brand awareness and recall, client relations, and customer loyalty. Luckily, companies don’t have to spend a lot to gain these benefits. Here are affordable gift & giveaway ideas for under $10:

Drinkware : Anyone will be happy to receive drinkware this holiday season, whether as a gift or giveaway. You can order in bulk this holiday season and just use the leftovers for your upcoming campaigns and gifting initiatives.

Earphones, Wireless Chargers & USB: Anyone who’s technologically adept will enjoy tech gadgets. These are guaranteed to get used at work, home, or while running errands, therefore improving brand recognition and recall.

Notebooks: Notebooks are affordable and useful gifts that can also be used throughout the year. They are ideal for recipients of all ages, from kids at school up to retirees.

Wine Accessories: As the holidays are coming up, it calls for a bottle of spirits or several. And what better way to show off your brand than giving away branded wine accessories. These items have a long shelf life so they and your brand will be part of many celebrations for years to come.

Christmas-Themed Items: You don’t need a big budget to make your staff, client, or customer feel special this festive season. There are a lot of affordable stocking stuffers, such as Christmas candy canes, lollipops, Santa hats, and Christmas globes, to name a few.

For mid-range budgets between $20 – 30

Mid-range gifts don’t have to look cheap. You can already find premium-looking yet budget-friendly items within that price range. Here are the best mid-range gift ideas if you want to make a good impression without breaking the bank.

Cheese Boards: Cheese consumption has been rising steadily over the years. Choose cheese boards if you want items that are guaranteed to be frequently used at parties and special occasions where your logo will get plenty of second-hand exposure to people.

Executive Pens: You can never go wrong with executive pens for clients and executive staff members. A classic among corporate gifts, they have a high perceived value, making them the perfect gifts for people you want to impress, such as your clients or executives.

Laptop Bags: Another gift idea that is made to impress, laptop bags are made to solve the needs of any remote working professional. They can fit all work essentials, such as a laptop, tablet, accessories, notebooks and even a drink bottle so that they could be prepared to work anywhere they want.

Branded Vacuum Bottles: Branded vacuum bottles have been the accessory of the season for millennials and Gen Zs. Whether used for their actual purpose of hydration or just as accessories, these retail quality Hydrosoul and High Sierra vacuum drink bottles are sure to help brands win over new clients and customers.

Budgets of $50 and up

If money is no object, prepare to lavish your customers, clients, and staff with premium gifts. Here are the best gifts that we have on offer for your valued executives, clients, and staff.

Wicker Cooler Baskets: Spending time outdoors is one of the activities that have made all the lockdowns bearable. With this in mind, picnicking and BBQs have been extra popular, especially this holiday season. Give a gift that the recipient will appreciate and use heavily for years to come with this wicker cooler basket.

Designer Pens: Designer pens have been designed to impress. They are usually made from premium materials with high craftsmanship so they are good promotional tools that are guaranteed to deliver long-term benefits due to their durability and longevity.

(L-R: Lamy, Cross (18-Carat Gold), and Sheaffer)

Tech Gadgets: Just like with any gadget, the features and durability get better the more you spend. If you want to give them the best features that they can use for work or play, get them these premium Swiss Peak headphones, multi-function high-powered wireless chargers, and crisp-sounding Bluetooth speakers.

Give the best corporate gifts that will help attract new business and promote

The best corporate gifts have to hit the sweet spot of effectively promoting your brand and being useful and liked enough by the recipients to get frequent use. If you want an effective way to promote your brand this Christmas, get a custom recommendation from us by filling out the form at this link.