Promote your brand with 2022’s Pantone Colour of the Year, Very Peri

Each year, Pantone announces a colour that will symbolise the spirit of the coming year. This year, it is Very Peri, a colour that is said to display “a carefree confidence and a daring curiosity that animates our creative spirit.” Incorporating Very Peri into your brand’s promotional campaigns can establish your brand as trendy among your target audience. If you want your next promotional campaign to get a boost, here are the most popular Very Peri promo giveaways to increase brand visibility and awareness.

1. Promotional Summer Hats

With the summer burning through until the end of February, hats are very effective promotional tools for your brand. If your target audience consists of millennials and Gen Zs, you can choose trendy hats, such as bucket hats, baseball caps, and bandanas.

2. Back-to-School Stationery

It’s now time for back-to-school promotional campaigns for schools, universities, libraries, and daycare centres. To prepare the students for the start of a new school term, they can give away Very Peri-themed back-to-school stationery, such as notebooks, plastic pens, and rulers.

3. Eco Items

Eco items are some of the most popular giveaways for consumers right now. Eco items look and feel the same as traditional promo items, except that they are made from sustainable materials, such as jute, bamboo, cardboard, calico, cork, and more. Some of our top picks are eco-friendly drinkware, food packaging, and office and conference items

4. Branded T-Shirts

Promotional clothing will always be popular among the masses. They’re the easiest to use and most attention-grabbing promo giveaways out there. For an affordable way to improve brand reach and visibility, promotional t-shirts are your best bet.

5. Tote Bags

Sometimes, the most effective promotional tool is right in front of you. Tote bags are affordable, highly visible, and effective. For businesses that have physical stores, tote bags are necessities in their daily operations, so they might as well be eye-catching to put your brand in people’s consciousness.

Improve your brand’s popularity with 2022’s Very Peri!

Changing things up for your brand can be beneficial to grab more attention and increase the buzz. For help with planning your upcoming promotional campaigns, you can contact us for a free consultation.