3 Attention-Grabbing & Creative Trade Show Booth Ideas to Amp Foot Traffic

Standing out in a sea of trade show booths is difficult. Some booths have the advantage of securing a strategic location that has heavy foot traffic. Unfortunately, these locations tend to be more costly. For those that can’t afford this premium trade show real estate, you have to find other ways to drum up buzz and interest to get people to come to your booth. Whether your worry is to stand out or to increase the foot traffic to your booth, here are 3 creative booth ideas for trade shows.

Promote your booth before the trade show itself

You may have the worst booth location in the trade show but you can still get guaranteed visitors if you announce your trade show booth on EDMs, social media, blogs, and your website beforehand. Give your clients or customers a glimpse of what you have in store when they visit your booth. You can also announce a giveaway or discount voucher that they can claim if they drop by your booth.

Make your booth eye-catching and interesting

To stand out, your booth must look the part. Get people to notice your booth through attention-grabbing trade show decorations and setup. If your booth is located at the very rear of the trade show, put in high visual installations or displays (e.g. overhead hangings or tall posts) that tower over other booths so that people can see your booth even from afar.

Having an interactive booth setup also helps in enticing people to approach and even stay in your booth. If you sell consumer products, make sure they are on display and that they can touch and use them. You can also schedule demos so that you can showcase what your products/services can do. Another thing you can do is to reserve a small lounge in your booth where your clients can get comfortable and possibly discuss with you about your offerings.

Give away freebies

This is another case where promotional products work their magic. By having branded trade show giveaways in your booth, you are guaranteed to increase the number of people who will visit your booth. Who doesn’t like free stuff, right? Not only do promotional giveaways make your booth more popular, but they also advertise your brand even after the event every time that the items are used.

Promotional products serve as mobile advertisements that will help your brand generate more interest and exposure. Just make sure that you get something in return before giving away a goody bag. Get their email addresses and business cards, or posting about your brand on social media.

Having a bowl of candies and treats will also make people stay longer in your booth.

Train the spotlight on your booth at the next trade show with these creative booth ideas!

Having one of the most popular booths at a trade show requires research and planning. If you don’t know where to start, let Brandconnect help you! We have a team of marketing veterans who will be happy to help you decorate your trade show booth every step of the way. For a free marketing consultation, fill out our online enquiry form. You can also contact us on 02 8072 3350.