3 Employee Reward Ideas during the Pandemic

It has been several weeks since the lockdown began. Many businesses have more or less adjusted to the new way of operations while most employees have transitioned to working from home. However, working from home is not always idyllic. Work-from-home employees are more at risk for burnout, especially combined with self-isolation. It is important for employers to show their appreciation and reward the efforts of their employees.

It is this appreciation and rewards that keep the people going, but you don’t have to go big as not all companies can afford to spend a lot right now due to the unstable economy. Here are 3 employee reward ideas that are within budget and won’t break the bank.

1. Company merchandise

A strong company culture leads to an improved turnover rate and builds employee satisfaction. One way to continue that, while working at home is to give your staff branded company merchandise. Not only will they feel appreciated for a job well done, but these branded items will also give them a stronger sense of belongingness within your organisation.

Recommended company merchandise ideas:

CROXTON HOODIE Adult Unisex, Work From Home Pack A, and Home Office Pack

2. Food & drinks hampers

A way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. Typically, high-performing employees are taken out for a free meal at a fine-dining restaurant or drinks at the bar. However, since there are restrictions right now, the best alternative is to give them hampers. You can include yummy snacks, a bottle of wine, and even the fixings to a yummy meal.

Recommended food & drinks ideas:

Hamper – Wining & Dining, Hamper – The Snack Attack (vegan and gluten-friendly options), and Hamper – Cooking at Home

3. Self-care packs

Self-care is crucial in this difficult time. Since they can’t book spa appointments right now, you can help set up a spa experience at home with a range of wellness items. Relaxing in a hot tub with their favourite incense burning and a glass of rose is just what the doctor ordered to prevent burnout.

Recommended self-care ideas:

Wellness Pack A, Hamper – Relaxing at Home, and Hamper – Pampering at Home

Let your employees feel appreciated with these 3 employee reward ideas!

You can still make your employees feel appreciated and inspired to work despite the distance and the tough times by sending them rewards that they can use while they’re cooped up at home. If you want to create your own rewards programme, you can ask one of our experienced Account Managers for recommendations here.