3 Fundraising Ideas to Help the Australian Bushfire Victims

The weather has been cooling down but the devastation of the Australian Bushfire is far from over. Since September 2019, the fires have destroyed an estimated 18.6 million hectares, 2,500 homes, and killed at least 30 people and billions of wildlife. This is a tragic time for our country and the best that anyone can do is help out in any way that we can. If you are thinking of ways to raise funds to help the victims with your company, here are 3 fundraising ideas to raise money.

Donate proceeds of your sales to the cause

If your budget is tight but your company still wants to help the cause, you can donate a proceed of your sales. If you’re unsure of how much you can donate, review your profits and losses for the year to determine the amount that you’re comfortable donating. As with all fundraisers, marketing is king. Promote your fundraising initiative to engage more people to buy your products or services.

Sales Case Study: A video game development company, Humble, is offering a bundle of their games, Humble Australia Fire Relief Bundle. All proceeds of the sales go toward the people and animals affected by the fires through the World Wildlife Fund, Australian Red Cross, RSPCA, and New South Wales’ Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service. It has since raised $700,000.

Required branded merchandise for Sales

City Shopper Tote Bag: Nothing screams “notice me!” than a colourful shopper tote bag. It provides plenty of branding benefits, such as improved brand recall, wider exposure, and higher impressions generated.

Fundraising dinners

Dining establishments can maximise their resources by throwing a fundraising dinner at their premises. Come up with ways to make the night special: you can hire local entertainment or create a special menu. If you don’t have the budget or time to organise a charity dinner, you can also create a special meal, which part or all of the proceeds will be donated to a charity of your choice.

Fundraising Case Study: A US-based restaurant called Common Lot will host a fundraising dinner that features Australian-inspired dishes that will benefit WIRES Wildlife Rescue and New South Wales Rural Fire Service.

Required branded merchandise for Fundraising Dinners

  • Vino Tumbler: One way to personalise the experience is through branded glassware. Dinnerware may be usually inconspicuous, but your logo will find a way to stick to the people’s minds for a very long time.

  • Sirocco Coaster Set of 6: The difference between fine dining and fast food, aside from the quality of food, of course, is the dinnerware used. Make a lasting impression on your customers by using premium coasters.

Benefit concerts

As we’ve mentioned before, benefit concerts are expensive to organise so they are best handled by not-for-profits and companies that can afford a budget of over $50 million. It requires large upfront costs and experienced staff. However, they more than make up for it in publicity and revenue. Here are the things you need to do to organise a benefit concert:

  1. Assemble a crew
  2. Get a venue
  3. Book entertainment
  4. Plot out your budget to determine ticket prices
  5. Find sponsors
  6. Promote the concert
  7. Set up an online donations page

If you don’t have the budget, you can also contact concert organisers and ask them if you can sponsor the event in some way, e.g. set up a concession stand or a pop-up store on the venue.

Benefit Concert Case Study: There are plenty of upcoming benefit concerts in various places. Here’s a list of benefit concerts for the Australia bushfire.

Required branded merchandise for Benefit Concerts

  • Flexible LED Laser Wristband: These flexible LED laser wristbands are colourful accessories that could serve as the attendees’ admission bracelets. They can be imprinted with logo/s or messaging so that people will remember your event for years to come.

  • Classic Cotton T: These classic cotton tees are useful whether used as concert merchandise or crew uniforms. They also help companies as they provide longer-term exposure than any form of advertising.

Let’s start raising money for the Australia bushfires with these 3 fundraising ideas!

Let us all do the best we can to help our country rise from this tragedy. If you need help with your promotional products for an upcoming fundraiser, you can book a call with us through this link. Alternatively, you can contact us directly by phone or email.