3 Personalised Gift Ideas to Keep Corporate Branding Alive

branded dartboard

Promo marketing is a powerful tool to get your branding and message across to people in a memorable and long-lasting way. It has been a common practice among different industries and organisations throughout the years. As with anything that has been around for a long time, it can get stale after a while, which is why marketers need to constantly innovate and think of new gimmicks and strategies in order to pique the consumers’ interests.

One such innovation is personalised marketing. If you’re not familiar with it, here’s an example: when you search for a product or service, do you notice that you start seeing more related ads on social media and suggestions from your favourite eCommerce sites? That’s the power of personalised marketing. For a stronger brand and customer/client relationship, here are 3 personalised gift ideas for your promotional & advertising campaigns, employee engagement programmes, advertising giveaways, and other marketing programmes.


Instead of casting a wide net to target customers, personalised marketing targets each customer individually, according to habits, data, and other pertinent information. With branded drinkware, you can target different people depending on the nature of your business and their habits. For example, gyms and stadiums can give away individualised drink bottles to keep their customers hydrated during their workouts while also preventing people from grabbing the wrong bottle by mistake. When given as corporate gifts, drinkware can also be personalised with a custom message or image for the recipient (e.g., their photo).


Notebooks are popular gifts and giveaways and they can be quite personal items for the recipients. It is where they can write down their plans, hopes, dreams, and even thoughts. Therefore, there is no better way than to establish a personal connection to your customers than to give them personalised notebooks. It could be as simple as imprinting their names on the cover or adding a simple yet specific dedication for them to humanise your brand and improve customer retention.


Promo bags are the most effective promotional items for brands as they do not only keep the customers happy but also widen your brand’s reach. They give guaranteed results to marketers when deployed properly. Hence, personalised bags can make more impact on your targets and the people around them.

Build a personal connection to your customers & clients with personalised gifts!

Giving away personalised gifts do not only endear you to your customers and clients but also promote your brand better than any advertisement. Transform the way you do marketing with personalised items. For orders and inquiries, you can call or email our Account Managers to get the best recommendations and assistance.