Fun Ideas for a Successful Orientation Week for Universities

Student orientation week is a way to make a good first impression on new students as it helps them get familiar with their new environment.

For a successful orientation, students need to have a smooth transition into university life. Integrating and transitioning are crucial factors in making students stay at university, as it is reported that students are less likely to stay if they do not become socially integrated within the first few weeks.

Here are four easy strategies to organise an effective Orientation Week that will keep your students engaged while also promoting your brand.

Decorate like you mean it!

Decorations make a world of difference when it comes to fostering school pride. Spruce up your premises with banners, flags and bunting. There will also be plenty of registration tables for various upcoming school activities and clubs so make sure that they are topped with branded table covers.

Get the students involved

Increase the students’ sense of belonging by getting them to sign up to organisations and extracurricular activities. Make the registration tables stand out by giving them custom-printed table covers with their organisation’s logo.

Give away promotional items!

Equip the students with things they’ll need to start the academic term right with a new student starter pack. You can include a compendium about everything they’ll need to know as a new student, promotional pens, branded notebooks, logo-printed apparel (t-shirts, caps, hoodies, or all three of them if you have the budget), and a tote bag or backpack to carry them all.

The benefit of giving away promo items to your students is two-fold. First, you get to improve your relationship with the students with these gifts. Second, your school or university will get long-term brand exposure since people are guaranteed to use the items even beyond their graduation.

Get everyone mingling

Make learning about your organisation more fun with events that will encourage the students and faculty members to socialise. Here are activities you can organise to get them mingling:

  • Getting-to-know-you lunches: Each department can host its getting-to-know-you lunch to introduce its program and faculty to the students.
  • Majors enlightenment chat: Organise an informal session where new students can chat with the faculty or upperclassmen about majors. This is where they can learn more about what majors to choose without pressure.
  • Group scavenger hunt: Get the newbies to learn more about the campus and memorise the premises by holding a scavenger hunt.
    * Inclusivity and diversity training: Put your organisation on the Safe Zone by hosting these inclusivity and diversity training for both your new and old students and faculty members on orientation week.
  • Speed-friending tea time: Sometimes, tea is all people need to get talking. Set up cosy tables and chairs with icebreaker questions to get the students to know each other better.
  • Amusement Rides: The student guild should organise rides (like the TeaCup Ride) to get students excited about starting university.

Make everyone feel at home in your Student Orientation Week

The student orientation week is an opportunity to make your students feel comfortable in your institution. If you need help with your student starter pack or promotional giveaways for Student Orientation Week 2020, you can contact us by phone or email. You can also fill out this online enquiry form to get custom promotional item recommendations.