Make an impact this 2022 with these 4 Trending Promotional Products

The business landscape is getting tougher and tougher each year. No matter what industry you’re in, there’s always going to be another brand that dominates and casts a huge shadow upon its competitors. How will you get your brand noticed to level the playing field?

Endearing people to your brand by giving them valuable promotional items is one way to do it. Promotional products are an effective form of advertising and a channel to inspire brand loyalty, making them the most preferred advertising tool by consumers.

As they are typically used frequently and kept for a minimum of a year , they also provide more brand exposure than traditional and social media ads. Hence, over 80% of consumers are more likely to research the brand they see on promo items and do business with them , according to PPAI.

Get the most out of your branded merchandise by choosing the trending promotional products of 2022. Here are the top promo giveaways and corporate gifts that will set your brand apart.

1. Eco-Friendly Products

Eco-friendly promotional products have always been around. However, it is only now that they’re gaining traction as there are more options and styles available. There are now so many kinds of eco-friendly items that you can replace all your usual work supplies and giveaways with them.

There are so many ways you can use environmentally friendly branded merchandise to make an impact with your brand this 2022. Here are some ideas:

  • Company uniforms: You can replace company shirts with enviro tees made of eco-friendly cotton – certified to the Organic Content Standard 100
  • Office supplies: Whatever you need for your day-to-day operations, you can find an eco-friendly alternative, such as eco-friendly pens and stationery, lanyards, flash drives, wireless chargers, and recycled notepads.
  • Promo giveaways: Don’t be limited by affordable plastic pens. You can find eco-friendly pens made of bamboo, wheat straw, and cardboard that are just as affordable and effective.
  • Food packaging and utensils: Plastic takeaway containers and utensils are becoming a growing environmental concern as more people have been ordering deliveries and takeaways since the pandemic started. To help the environment, restaurants and cafes can use eco-friendly food containers and utensils instead.
  • Shopping bags: Tote bags are a great way to promote your brand while also serving useful in brick-and-mortar stores and shops. While tote bags are typically eco-friendly, using jute, calico, and recycled PET bags can reduce waste and help the environment more.

If you want eco-friendly promo items recommendations or alternatives to your usual branded merchandise, book a call with our Account Managers through this link. You can also do your part in saving the planet when you order over $1000 worth of items, get 25 trees planted in your brand’s honour. Check out our forest here.

2. Home Office Supplies

Remote work has become the norm now and it looks like this trend is here to stay even when the pandemic ends. Hence, employers need to equip their staff with everything they’ll need to work efficiently and effectively at home.

Many companies now prepare work-from-home kits for their staff that typically contain notebooks, pens, desk caddies and other accessories, reusable coffee cups, and headphones, among others. Not only do these items help the staff accomplish their jobs, but they also motivate them.

3. Virtual Event Giveaways

Even though we are starting to learn how to live with the virus, virtual events are likely to still be popular. With the wider reach, lower costs, and convenience, they have become mainstays in the marketing strategies of most companies. Event giveaways are crucial to drum up interest and engagement as well as serve as a lasting reminder of the event and your brand.

Some of our virtual event giveaway recommendations:

4. Health & Safety Kits

Health and safety have become top priorities since the pandemic started. For companies to connect more with their audience, they have to humanize their brands by caring for their well being rather than just being there for the business and profit. Regardless of who your audience is, giving them health & wellness kits is a great way to show your care and appreciation.

Safety kits can include face masks, rapid antigen tests, hand sanitisers, water bottles, sunscreens, and lunch boxes. Some of the campaigns that these kits can be great for:

  • Employee engagement: Whether as part of the new-hire kit or an appreciation gesture, they go a long way in motivating the staff and improving loyalty and morale.
  • Corporate gifts: If you don’t have a huge budget but still want to make an impact on your clients, health and safety kits are your best bet.
  • Recruitment drives: Stand out from other employers by giving health and safety kits to potential hires and applicants.

Stand out from the competition with these unique promotional products ideas for 2022!

It’s time to change things up with these 4 trending promotional products ideas! If you want to create your own custom set or have a custom idea for an item, you can contact our Account Managers by phone or email.