4 School & University Promotion Ideas for the New School Year

The start of a new academic year is just around the corner, so you should be deciding on events for the upcoming term now, before the summer holidays.

If you want to attract new students and improve brand awareness, here are promotional marketing ideas to grow the popularity of your school or university.

Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing is effective in getting your educational institution’s name out there. Make more impact by targeting recipients that meet your target demographics like households that have young families. People tend to throw away junk mail but you can prevent them from doing the same with yours by enclosing a promotional item with your mailout. It could be something simple such as branded pens, custom USB drives (with a brochure about your school’s or university’s offerings), and keychains.

Direct mail marketing is a useful tool when inviting people to an upcoming promotional event, such as open day and sponsored educational and sports events (more on them below).

Orientation Week

Orientation week is an opportunity to make a good first impression on the students. Organise games and stalls for the students, distribute drinks and snacks, and give them a soft copy of the schools information brochure pre-downloaded in a branded USB drive. You can also give them a back-to-school starter pack before the day ends. Ideal contents in the pack are branded pens, t-shirts, custom printed notebooks, and other stationery items.

Establish Relationships with other Institutions

Connecting with like-minded schools and education institutions is a great way to get student referrals. Establish a relationship with them by calling up the guidance counselors in the area and highlighting what your school or university has to offer. You could also invite them for a tour around your premises and give them promotional gifts that will help improve your brand recall and goodwill. Some ideas for gifts, include: promotional mugs, power banks, designer pen and USB gift sets, and desk accessories.

Sponsor Sporting & Educational Events

Students of all ages compete far and wide for various academic competitions, and sporting events. Participate as a sponsor to extend your reach and generate more exposure for your school or university. Depending on the event, you can use custom branded items as promotional tools that people can remember you by. This can range anywhere from promotional caps to lanyards.

Make your school or university stand out with promotional items!

Promoting your educational institution with these marketing ideas are better when done with promotional products. These campaigns may fade from people’s minds after a couple of months but promo items last longer as they are kept for an average of one year. Click the links below if you want extra help with your own campaigns.

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