4 Promotional Product Campaigns to Strengthen Your Gym & Fitness Brand

Getting fit in Australia is not a problem. As a country that has a fitness industry over $2 billion, it is not difficult to find leads and clients. In this competitive climate, the problem for a gym or any fitness brand is standing out and sustaining longevity.

In order to maintain a competitive edge, one must execute innovative promotional campaigns that will catch the attention of people and maintain your brand in people’s consciousness. Here are 4 creative and attention-grabbing promotional marketing ideas that use promotional products.

Toughen up your social media and email marketing campaigns

We all know that digital media is a great way to promote any brand. You could choose to pay for advertising to rack up followers and engagement, but it would be a moot point without engaging content. One of the best ways to attract leads and turn them into eventual customers is by conducting a social media or email giveaway. Social networks tend to reward pages that quality interactions. Instead of going for more likes or reactions, entice your followers to comment on your posts by posting open-ended questions and encouraging them to share your photos or videos.

Entice new memberships and renewals with promotional items rewards

If you’re looking to ramp up new sign-ups, there is no better way to do that than reward them with limited-edition promotional items that they can get after signing up. These value-added freebies go a long way in encouraging people to join your gym or fitness club. Make sure that the promo items can be used for their fitness journey. Branded merchandise pieces such as drink bottles, workout equipment, towels, sports bags, clothing, and earphones will entice them to work out more while also gaining brand impressions from the people around them.

Sell branded merchandise

Part of what fosters a strong fitness community within your gym or fitness brand is permeating the members’ lives even when they’re outside the community. Aside from giving away promotional items, you can also sell them to turn in additional profit for your business.

Organise or sponsor challenges, races, and events

Another way to expand brand awareness is by organising or sponsoring challenges, races, and events. Consider the brand values that you promote and make sure that they match the event you support. When organising or sponsoring an event, you also need to have promotional products with your logo printed to make an even bigger impact. For example, if you’re taking part in a race, promo racing items such as singlets, towels, and water bottles will raise your brand profile in the event.

Get ready for a stronger and fitter brand

If you’re looking for ways for your gym or fitness brand to get ahead of the pack, try promotional products! If you want to know what promotional products are best for your brand, fill up our form so that we could give you recommendations. You could also contact our dedicated Brand Guardians via phone at 02 8072 3350 or email at sales@brandconnect.com.au.