5 Benefits of Environmentally Friendly Promotional Products Plan

It is important now more than ever to become more ethically responsible when it comes to our carbon footprint and practices. With our pressing waste crisis, we need to adopt an eco-friendlier approach in our business operations. One step to take is through transitioning to an environmentally friendly promotional products plan. Not only will you be helping save the world, but your brand also stands to gain so much more. Here are the 5 benefits of adopting an environmentally friendly promotional products plan.

Your brand gains a more favorable reception from consumers

According to the latest Global Ad Impressions Study by ASI, 42% of consumers form a better opinion of brands that give away environmentally friendly promotional products. In addition, consumers between the ages of 18 and 44 are said to prefer eco-friendly branded merchandise more. This age range consists of millennials and Gen X-ers, the two most consumer groups with the strongest buying power. So if you want to target them, dare to go green.

Eco-friendly promotional products last longer

Environmentally friendly promotional products are designed and created to be reused over and over again so that they don’t add to our growing waste problem. Promo items such as promotional tote bags, reusable coffee cups, stainless steel straws, and drink bottles last for years. Not only are your giveaways guaranteed to last longer, but your brand will definitely benefit more this longevity.

You get longer brand visibility and more impressions

Since your promotional products are more long-lasting, your brand will get more exposure, granted that your logo has been imprinted through high-quality printing methods to prevent fading. On average, regular promotional products are kept for a year, but with eco-friendly branded merchandise is meant to be kept for twice longer. This means you can generate double the brand impressions and exposure with environmentally friendly items.

Sustainable promotional products increase sales

If there is one thing that the strongest consumer group, Millennials, spend on the most, it is sustainability. A whopping 73% of them are reported to be willing to pay more for sustainability, according to a 2015 Nielsen study. From the same report, 86% of consumers prefer that brands support social issues and would likely do business with them. What does this mean? Sustainability is the power and key to your brand’s success.

You get to help save the earth

Isn’t saving the earth our main goal here? Yes, we may experience brand benefits along the way, but we are all responsible for helping care for Mother Nature as inhabitants of the world. Eco-friendly promotional products are biodegradable. They don’t add to our waste, but rather erode eventually. They are also sourced from sustainable materials, such as jute, bamboo, rice husk, wheat, recycled plastics and more.

Want help in developing an environmentally friendly promotional products plan?

Adopting a more eco-friendly approach in your promotional products plan is a lot easier especially with us on your side. If you have a marketing campaign coming up and would like to go green, you can fill up our form to get a free promotional products plan from Brand Saviour Jessie and other seasoned Brand Guardians.