5 Ways to Harness the Power of Company Branded Notebooks

The strategy of using company branded notebooks to boost brand visibility and image has been around in Australia since time immemorial. And there’s a reason for the popularity of these promotional products. Not only do they deliver a lot of marketing benefits for the brand, but they also prove useful for the recipients in their day-to-day lives.

Did you know that giving away these company branded notebooks can do more harm than good sometimes? It takes a carefully planned promotional product strategy to make them work for you. Read our tips how to harness the power of these printed notebooks.

They are millennial magnets

If your target audience is millennials, you’re in luck! According to a 2016 ASI study, millennial people are the most likely to use company branded notebooks out of all the age groups, with interest waning as the recipient gets older. It is important to determine whether your promotional product giveaways will be appreciated by the recipient or else it might fail to make an impact and go straight to the trash.

Aria Company Branded Notebooks

Special occasions call for promo notebooks

Schedule the distribution of the company branded notebooks during special events or promotions. You don’t just give them away without an occasion. Promotional company branded notebooks are best leveraged when you have something to promote, such as a trade show and conference appearance, store/product launch, sale, event, and other opportunities.

Vidalia Company Branded Notebooks

They persuade people to take action

You can actually entice consumers and clients to do whatever you want with these custom notebooks. No, it doesn’t require the art of hypnotism, just a convincing call to action will do. Make sure that your company branded notebooks align with our objective, whether it’s for getting more followers or engagement for social media, traffic to your website, or shoppers to your store.

Companion Notepad Holder

Ensure that your notebooks are easy to give away

Distribution is a two-way street. You have to make it easier for the recipients to get their free company branded notebooks. If you require something in return from them in order for them to avail of the promotional product, make it simple and quick. For example, if you need to get their contact, have a bowl for their businesses card nearby. Avoid putting them through the wringer just to get the item.

On the flipside, it should also be easy for your company to distribute this product. If you are mainly an online business, you would have to shell out additional costs for shipping, so you have to make sure that what you’re getting back will be well worth the expense.

Oslo Company Branded Notebooks

They can be extremely customizable and innovative.

You may look at company branded notebooks and think of them as boring, generic items that won’t stand out. However, you can jazz them up with eye-catching designs, thought-provoking copy, and more. Run wild with your imagination and see a virtual mock-up of personalised notebooks with your logo through our Virtual Sample feature. Or if you can’t think of any creative or innovative idea, you can ask for assistance from our always helpful brand guardians.

Pedova ETech Company Branded Notebooks

Include Company Branded Notebooks in Your Marketing Strategy

Company branded notebooks do wonders to brand image and recognition, consumer loyalty, and lead generation, among others, but only if you hit the sweet spot of distribution. If you need help with your promotional product strategy or anything about promotional notebooks, you can contact our brand guardians at 02 8072 3350 (NSW; 8:30am – 5:00pm Monday through Friday).