Let Us Count The Ways Why Printed Water Bottles Are the Best

Businesses have been largely sleeping on the water bottle as promotional products . What they don’t know is that water bottles are one of the hottest promotional products right now, especially now that the summer is heating up. If you are looking for a great promotional product to stamp your logo on and give away in your next event or marketing initiatives, below are some reasons you should choose promotional water bottles.

Promotional water bottles are the timeliest promotional products this season.

With the scorching sun bearing down on us this summer, dehydration is at an all-time high. People need to stay hydrated now more than ever so the demand for water bottles will likely rise as well. Water bottles are also one of the top 5 most popular promotional products all year round.

Brandconnect recommendation : Our Nomad drink bottle is a translucent, BPA-free, recyclable 750ml drink bottle. It is made from Tritan co-polymer that is odour- and impact-resistant and dishwasher-safe.

Nomad drink bottles.

Promotional water bottles are one of the most used promotional products.

According to PPAI research*, 45% of people use a promotional product at least once a day. Since people need at least eight glasses of water a day, they are bound to keep using your promotional water bottles all throughout the day. Thirst strikes anywhere so you’ll also be assured that your promotional water bottle will be taken wherever your recipient will go, ensuring maximum visibility for your logo.

Brandconnect recommendation : The Bopp cool drink bottle is BPA-free 700-ml bottle. It has a PP and tritan finish and TPR bottom. The removable ice cylinder can be filled with water and placed in the freezer. You can just pop it back in when you need an ice-cold drink.

Bopp cool drink bottle .

Promotional water bottles are kept by users for up to two years

Six out of 10 people keep promotional products for up to two years. Promotional water bottles are no exception as they are reusable and can last for years. People will get the maximum usage from a water bottle first before they are chucked to the bin.

Brandconnect recommendation : The Bolsena canteen is a 590ml canteen made from polished stainless steel.

Bolsena canteen .

Promotional water bottles have the highest advertising recall out of all mediums.

Almost 90% of people can recall the logo imprinted on a promotional water bottle and promotional products of other kinds that they have received in the last two years. Meanwhile, only 7% of people can recall the brand after watching a TV or radio advertisement.

Getting a high brand recall rate means that people are 85% more likely to buy products or do business with your company after receiving promotional products.

Brandconnect recommendation : The Stainless Steel drink bottle has a unique sipper design that is connected to an internal straw.

Stainless Steel drink bottle .

Eight out of 10 people appreciate receiving promotional water bottles.

It is a known fact that people love receiving free swag. 80% of people are more than happy to be gifted with a water bottle or promotional products of different types, based on PPAI research. They do not just enjoy receiving them, but 43% of people also gain a more favorable impression of the company that gave the products.

Brandconnect recommendation : The San Clemente water bottle is a 740ml translucent colour water bottle with a built-in straw.

San Clemente water bottle .

Giving away promotional water bottle products is an effective form of marketing in this climate. If you are interested in reaping the above benefits, check out our collection of promotional water bottles. You can also see how your logo looks like on the product when you order a no-obligation virtual mockup. For BrandConnect members, get free samples and an additional 5% discount when you order.