5 Amazing Benefits of Promotional Office Products

Promotional office products get a bad rap for only being seen within the four walls of the office, but their impact is seen beyond that. These small yet useful branded desk accessories can influence lead generation, employee morale, and brand visibility. Shrug off the misconceptions about promotional office products with these five reasons why you should stamp your logo on them and give them away.

Promotional office products motivate staff

When given as rewards, promotional office products can improve employee relations, and in turn, lead to higher productivity rate and office morale. Happy employees serve as effective brand advocates for the company. The more satisfied they are with their workplace, the more likely they are to spread the good word about the company and recommend their friends and colleagues for jobs.

Promotional Office Products – Full Colour Print Notebook

Promotional office products are kept for 14 months

Promotional office products such as promotional notepads, promotional mouse pads, promotional sticky notes, and other stationery items are typically kept by people for 14 months. With branded merchandise, they can generate more impressions and retain more customers the longer shelf life that the items have.

Promotional Office Products – Deluxe Mouse Mat 230mm x 190mm

Promotional office products are one of the most popular promotional swag items down under

Each year, a whopping 34% of Australian people receive promotional office products, according to a survey by ASI Central. This makes them one of the most commonly used products in the day-to-day lives of the recipients.

Promotional Office Products – 30cm Plastic Ruler

Men gravitate towards promotional office products

Men are more likely to own promotional office products, so that is something you should keep in mind if they are your main target for your marketing strategy.

Promotional Office Products – PP Sticky Notes with Bookmark & Ruler

Millennials welcome promotional office products with open arms

Out of all the consumer generations, the millennials are the most likely to own promotional office products. Millennials hold the strongest buying power and brand loyalty out of everyone, so you would do well to entice them to do business with your brand by giving them these promotional office products.

While promotional office products don’t generate as manyimpressions as branded bags or pens, they have their own distinct pros such as their ability to lure male and millennial consumers, improve employee engagement, and deliver longer-term marketing benefits due to its long shelf life.

2-in-1 Executive Card Holder

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