Promotional balloons are the next best advertising medium.

Promotional balloons are festive decorations that are great for any type of special occasions. Whether you’re organizing a conference, special promotion, launch, or corporate function, custom printed promotional balloons can impact a company’s bottomline. Find out why promotional balloons make for great advertisements for your brand.

Promotional balloons grab attention

It is hard to miss custom printed promotional balloons in an event. WIth their vibrant colors and different types of finishes such as metallic balloons, they are practically begging to be seen, which makes them the perfect advertising vehicles. People wouldn’t help but take notice of your logo in the promotional balloons. This, in turn, will improve your brand recognition and recall, greatly influences the likelihood of these people of doing business with your company.

Promotional balloons are cost-efficient forms of advertising

TV, print, and radio ads may be the tried-and-tested forms of advertisements, but they don’t necessarily guarantee results. According to a research by Promotional Products Association International, the number one form of advertising across all generations is promotional products, such as the custom printed promotional balloons. People are also more likely to recall the brand when seen on a promotional product, compared to traditional advertisements.

Promotional balloons offer so many customisation options

Custom printed promotional balloons come in a variety of sizes, colours, finishes, and shapes. They can also be tied together to create different shapes and forms. Brandconnect has a diverse selection of regular promotional balloons and metallic balloons of various colors. These items also have a spacious surface area to print on, therefore allowing your logo or messaging to be printed bigger so that they can still be visible to people from afar.

All companies can use promotional balloons for any kind of event

Custom printed promotional balloons don’t discriminate. Regardless of the industry that a business is in, it can use these promotional products, along with other event merchandise, to decorate its events and advertise its brand. Just a few examples of special events that promotional balloons can be used in are trade shows, school and children’s gatherings and parties, conferences, employee fairs, corporate functions, promotions, launches, and store openings.

Promotional balloons are low-maintenance

WIth custom printed promotional balloons, you don’t have to worry about distribution channels. You can just set it up at any special event that your company is associated with and that’s the end of that. You also don’t have to worry about alienating certain generations of consumers as promotional balloons are for everyone.

Buy promotional balloons for your next event or promotion

Why shell out a lot of money on traditional advertisements when custom printed promotional balloons are just as effective at a cheaper cost. If you want these colourful, buoyant items for your next special occasion or promotion, choose from our wide collection of promotional balloons. For product and ordering inquiries, you can contact us through email or call us at 02 8072 3350 (Mon to Fri, 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM).