The Hottest Promotional Products for Sports Promotions

We are still reeling from the heart-stopping bout of this year’s FIFA World Cup and now, this season of NRL is just heating up. People are always going crazy for these sporting events, which make them the perfect opportunity to maximize your brand visibility using promotional products. You don’t even need these major sports matches to flaunt your logo on promo items. You can also use them for any sports teams from school games, corporate fun matches, and community tournaments. Here are the best promotional products for sports promotions.

Sports Promotional Products #1: Branded T-Shirts

Whether you’re playing on the field or sitting on the bleachers, promotional sports apparel items such as branded t-shirts are one of the most prominent sports promotional items. Featuring a large surface space for logos and messaging, a single branded shirt attracts 1,755 impressions over its lifetime, according to Advertising Specialty Institute. It makes them the second most popular and fifth highest impression-generating promotional item in Australia.

Teammate Tee

Sports Promotional Products #2: Branded Sports Bottles

Hydration is a must after all the cheering and yelling for your favorite team. These branded sports bottles will do just that. Most people own promotional drink bottles as drinking is a necessity that should be fulfilled multiple times a day. Most branded drinkware are, in fact, used for a minimum of two to three times a week. Your brand will be getting exposure during sports games and also beyond them.

Trek 600ml Aluminium Sports Drink Bottle

Sports Promotional Products #3: Branded Sports Coolers

Speaking of hydration, the sports players especially need to hydrate since they lose a lot of body water through the intense sweating during games. Logo-imprinted sports coolers can be used to store the sports drinks of the players. These items are usually placed near the player’s bench and get plenty of coverage, especially if the game is televised. You are probably familiar with the Gatorade sports coolers that are heavily featured for different high-profile sports events. Imagine if it were your logo featured instead. In small-time and recreational outdoor games, they can also be used by the watchers for their drinks. Aside from sporting events, they can also be used for outdoor parties, backyard barbecues and more.

Arctic Zone 30-Can Zipperless HardBody Cooler

Sports Promotional Products #4: Branded Caps

As the second most prevalent sports clothing item, branded baseball caps are worn by both the players and supporters. For the latter, there is nothing like wearing a logo-imprinted cap of your favorite team to show your allegiance and endorsement. They wear this during and even after the game to accentuate their outfits (or hide bad hair days).

Swift Premium Cap

Sports Promotional Products #5: Branded Sports Duffel Bags

Commonly used by players, branded sports duffel bags contain their change of clothes and footwear, towels, toiletry kits and other items that they need for their training, practice, and the game itself. While they are not necessarily seen during the game, they are visible once they step out of the court or field. As a matter of fact, promotional bags get the most impressions in Australia with over 5,800 impressions throughout its lifetime.

Boomerang Duffel Sports Bag

Due to people’s fascination with sports, imprinting your logo on sports promotional products is one of the most effective ways to get your brand out there. If you’re interested in ordering promotional products for sports promotions, you can browse through our extensive collection here. If you don’t have the time to browse for your ideal promo item or unsure about what to pick, you can also fill up our short form so that we could assist you. Alternatively, you can also reach us by phone at 08 9328 6400 or email