5 Business Survival Tactics to Weather the COVID-19 Storm

Since the Coronavirus hit, many businesses have been struggling to keep afloat. The lockdown has affected business operations, with many establishments closing down or running on minimal support. This leaves business owners worrying about the future of their establishments and in turn, their staff also fears layoffs and income loss.

We can still turn things around. As they say, “When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.” We have to find ways to overcome adversity and adapt to the situation despite the restrictions. Here are 5 ways you can survive and even thrive in this pandemic.

Consider delivery services for your restaurant or shop

Dining in is strictly prohibited in some areas to reduce the spread of the virus. Fortunately, this is not the end of the road for restaurants and fast food joints. You can still continue operations by offering a takeout and delivery service. If you are running on skeletal crew, you can also sell your dishes as packaged or reheatable meals to lessen the workload for your staff.

Hot tip: When delivering, use these tote bags to make brand impact and create customer loyalty.

Keep your brand relevant in your customer’s minds

When the dust settles, people will want to do business or buy from you again, so make sure you continue advertising your services through digital marketing, and other traditional marketing materials. Use this time to create relationships with your customers. One way you can do this is by sending your customers an At Home Pack with your branding. This will not only be a form of engagement but will strengthen their relationship with your business.

Sell your products or services online

Don’t leave your products gathering dust in your store. Sell them online. If you have a face-to-face service-based business, you can still convert it into an online business. For example, personal organizing services can be virtual-based. Hairstylists can do video call consultations and create custom dye kits that can be delivered to their customers. Even tutors and trainers can hold online sessions instead.

Diversify your offerings

If your products and services are not profitable during this time, you can diversify your offerings to make it more useful and relevant. Clothing manufacturers could shift their focus on creating cloth face masks, alcohol distilleries and perfumeries could manufacture sanitisers for the meantime, and 3D printers could create tools to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

Source from local suppliers

Supply chains and logistics are heavily affected by the pandemic due to high demand and lockdown restrictions per area. If you are struggling to source ingredients or supplies from your usual suppliers in other areas, check out your local suppliers. Not only will you be helping the local businesses in your area, but you are also contributing to the economy of your local community.

Survive the pandemic with these 5 business continuity hacks!

Be strong despite these difficult times with these 5 business survival hacks! If your business is struggling right now, we are here to help. Book a free marketing consultation with our Account Managers through here.