6 tech tips for easier remote working and collaborating

Working remotely has its specific set of challenges that businesses may not be prepared for. For businesses that are having problems with remote working and collaborating, here are 6 tech tips to make your staff’s lives easier.

1. Maintain constant communication

We can’t stress enough how important communication is during this time. Foster a collaborative environment among your remote staff by establishing a virtual community through team messenger apps such as Hangouts Chat and Slack.

Everyone can also stay on top of their project updates and responsibilities as well as discuss project specifics by using project management apps, such as Asana, Basecamp, or Trello.

2. Secure your passwords

There’s always that one person who always forgets their password. With a possibly reduced workforce, your IT helpdesk might not always be around to reset passwords when needed. Prevent the waiting around for password reset with password management tools like LastPass. It can be installed as a browser extension so that you can safely share your company passwords to the staff. It is also secure since your staff doesn’t have to know the passwords, everything is stored in the tool and they can be automatically logged in using it.

3. Headphones are your employees’ best friends

Headphones are essential in getting into the zone at work for many employees. Headphones are a great productivity tool whether your teams prefer that there’s background noise while at work or to drown out the noises of their kids fighting. Some headphones are also equipped with microphones which can be useful during your Zoom meetings.

Recommended headphones: Cyberdyne Bluetooth Headphones, Evolve Bluetooth Earbuds, and ifidelity True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

4. Flash drives are still the best storage devices for large files

The amount of people working from home right now is placing a heavy load on servers causing internet speeds to lag. This may hinder your staff from uploading or downloading huge files off your servers. Flash drives still work best if their work involves submitting large files, such as videos, high-resolution images, music, and computer back-ups.

Recommended USB drives: Swing USB Flash Drive, Dog Shape Wooden USB drive, and Pen Knife Flash Drive

5. Take measures to ensure your company’s cybersecurity is up to date

Nothing bars company operations from running smoothly like a case of a cyber attack. Make sure that your network is secured from cybercriminals and hackers by using a VPN (virtual private network). You should also inform and educate your staff on proper cyber hygiene, such as not clicking on malicious or phishing links.

6. Equip people with all the technology they need

It’s no longer easy to request equipment replacements from the IT department when everyone’s working remotely. Make sure that your staff has everything they need to do their jobs well at home, such as laptops, chargers, additional monitors, flash drives, company phones, software programs, headsets, tablets, and more.

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Go the distance with these 6 tech tips for improved collaboration and productivity for your remote employees!

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