7 Reasons Why Australian-Made Promotional Products Are Better

Globalisation has made it possible to access everything in all corners of the globe. This may be an exciting concept, but it’s not necessarily good. Importing items is detrimental to the environment, local economy, and your savings even though they may seem cheaper. Here are 7 reasons why you should be buying Australian-Made promotional products.

1. Support COVID-19 Recovery

Coronavirus has devastated our economy and job market. Buying Australian-made promotional productsmerchandise will boost the local economy at all levels. It will help local businesses recover from the losses, create new jobs, increase tax revenue, and reduce welfare costs. The more that people support local products, the faster that our country will recover from the economic and social impact of the pandemic.

2. Get sustainable promotional products

Companies will be assured that Australian-made custom products are manufactured following the strictest environmental protection policies and standards. Buying local also means that the carbon footprint is reduced to the shorter distance that the products need to travel between the factories and warehouses and distributors.

Since local products are made with fine craftsmanship, they last longer, meaning you get more bang for your buck and are less likely to end up in landfills.

3. Be assured that you get high-quality promotional products

Aside from the stringent environmental protection policies in place, Australian manufacturers also follow some of the world’s strictest quality control, safety, labour, and business standards. When buying local products, you are assured that you get high-quality items that are made from top-tier materials and craftsmanship. You are also confident that the people who worked on your items are paid and treated fairly and ethically.

4. Create jobs for Australian people

The higher the demand for Australian-made promotional items the more job opportunities it creates for the locals. There are so many things involved in the design, manufacturing, transportation, and distribution of items that its positive effects on the economy are widespread and on a local and national scale.

5. Enjoy faster turnaround times on promotional products

Whether they are produced within your city, state, or country, Australian-made promo items are guaranteed to have shorter lead times and faster delivery. Aside from saving time, you also save money from shipping fees due to the closer geographical proximity of the manufacturer.

6. Get a more favourable perception for your brand

As a country that’s big on fighting against climate change, being an environmentally-friendly brand is a big deal to people. There have been several studies that support this. According to a BBC study in 2021, 81% of people believe that commitment to sustainability adds value to a brand.

Another study by CouriersPlease in 2020 has found that nine in 10 people prefer sustainable products more. Not only is going local and eco-friendly helps save the environment, but it also gives your brand a marketing boost.

When you support local products, it serves as an announcement to the world that you support sustainable and ethical practices.

7. Save more money when you order Australian-made promotional items

Although Australian-made promotional products may not be cheap, you’ll find that they are more cost-efficient than imported ones. Since they are high-quality, they last longer and thus reduce the need to keep buying.

You also get a better return of investment for them as Australian-made promotional merchandise provides longer-term promotional results. You also get to save on shipping costs.

Gain plenty of benefits with Australian-made branded merchandise!

Choosing Australian-made promotional merchandise provides many positive effects on the environment, country, community, economy, and brand! Check out our wide range of high-quality Australian-made promotional products today. For inquiries and expert promotional advice, contact us.