Experience the Brandconnect Advantage when Shopping for Promotional Merchandise

Here at Brandconnect, our primary service is to provide high quality promotional products to our customers that suit any budget. However, we want to go above and beyond to provide the best experience for our customers. From start to finish we offer a range of obligation free services such as a Free Promotional Marketing Consultation, Free Digital Mock-Ups, Samples, Online Instant Quotes, Live Stock Checks and Free Shipping. Through this blog, you will learn more about these advantages of shopping with Brandconnect.

1. Free Promotional Marketing Consultation

We here at Brandconnect are staunch advocates of the benefits of promotional products. If this is your first time with promotional products, we are here to help you develop the best promotional products plan for you to make sure your brand makes an impact. To book a call, fill out the form detailing your campaign needs, budget, and expectations and one of our Account Managers will call you back shortly.

2. Free Digital Mockups

When you first start looking for promotional products, you want to see how your logo will look like on the product. It’s only natural since your logo is the main star and the promotional product is its stage. You want your logo to be the first thing to pop out when people see your promotional product in order to get the full benefits of promotional marketing.

Here at Brandconnect, you can see how your logo will look like on the product even before purchasing. We have an easy Virtual Sample feature that is available on most promotional product pages where you can upload your logo and get the mockup instantly! For full-colour items and special decoration instructions, you can also contact one of our experienced Account Managers for a Free Artwork Design! Our inhouse graphic designer can do up to THREE digital mockups according to your specifications, obligation free.

3. Free Samples

The problem with buying online is that you can never be too sure of the quality of the item. Sometimes, you need to see how an item looks in person, in order to know if it passes your standards or requirements. Due to this, Brandconnect offers Free Product Samples of any item below $10 for non-registered members and most items excluding high-priced items for Brandconnect Plus members.

4. Instant Online Quotes

Once you’re decided on the item, it’s time to find out how much it will cost you. No need to go through hoops to get quoted, you can easily do it through our Instant Quote service , which is available on every product page. You don’t have to be kept on the phone or wait for an email, you can get the quote immediately through our website.

5. Real-Time Stock Check

There is nothing more frustrating than setting your heart on an item and finding out that they’re out of stock a few days after you order. With Brandconnect, you’ll know how much stock there is on the page before you order. You won’t find this feature anywhere else. However, as this is a new feature, it has not been rolled out on all products. In this case, you can easily contact one of our Account Managers by phone or email, to check the stock status of any item.

6. Free Shipping

Promotional products can be heavy and therefore usually cost hefty shipping prices. Not with Brandconnect. We offer free standard shipping to all metro areas in Australia for orders above $850, so you never have to pay for shipping again as long as you order from us.

It’s all about providing a superb customer experience with Brandconnect!

We’re all about convenience and simplicity. We want our customers to have a pleasant Brandconnect experience from the first contact up to the very end of the transaction. To get started, you can click on the number above to call us or email us at sales@brandconnect.com.au.