Hot Back-to-School Promo Items to Make Any School or University Stand Out

This school term, don’t be overshadowed by your competitors. Take advantage of the back-to-school season to get your name out there. Invest in promotional products this school term to increase your popularity, build brand loyalty, and attract more enrollees in the upcoming school terms. If you have a promotional campaign or school fundraiser coming up, here are the best promotional products to promote with.

Branded high school and college apparel

Nothing promotes school pride than branded high school and college apparel. These logo-printed tops are usually worn by the students to show their support for their sports teams at sports games or just casually at school as a fashion statement. They are popular school items that sell well.

Urban Hoodies

Sports Premium Mesh Cap

Jupiter Unisex Tee

School supplies

School supplies go a long way in promoting your brand. Products such as plastic pens, pencils, highlighters, notebooks, and other sundries are guaranteed to get plenty of use from students since they are required when studying or doing their homework. They can also be used by their parents, which can help extend your reach to everyone they’ll come into contact with while using your branded item.

Omega Notebook

Galaxy Pen

Calico Pencil Case

Spinner Highlighter

Sharpened Full Length Pencil

School bags

Bags are one of the most popular item categories and especially so in schools. Backpacks and drawstring bags are necessities for students so that they can comfortably lug around their books around the school. It’s not just students, but teachers need bags too. As for the benefits of bags to your brand, they serve as effective promotional items as they go wherever their owners go.

Varsity Slinger Bag

Alphabet Drawstring Backpack

Bullet Backpack


Children lead very active lives so they need to stay hydrated in and outside of school. With the rise of the VSCO girl trend, teen girls also started using colourful vacuum drink bottles as accessories. It goes without saying that promotional drinkware will deliver plenty of brand mileage for your school or university due to its usefulness.

Lily Mirror Finish Vacuum Bottle by HydroSoul

Pisces Drink Bottle

Hipster Water Bottle – Mix and Match

Bonus Tip: If you’re planning to use promotional items for your school fundraising initiatives, it is better to package different items into bundles, like a Back-to-School Welcome Kit or First Day of School Survival kit. Not only is it more affordable, but it also encourages people to spend more.

Make your mark this school year with this Back-to-School Promotional Items!

Make the start of the school term explosive with these high-visibility Back-to-School Promotional Items! If you are planning a fundraiser or marketing campaign for your school or university, our team of Account Managers can help you with your promotional needs. Just book a call through this link. You can also call us on 02 8072 3350.