Targeted Gifting: The Top Corporate Gifts for Each Industry

It can be stressful shopping for corporate gifts, particularly for clients. You want to make sure that your clients like them, while also giving something that reflects your brand and industry. Giving targeted gifts also helps your company stand out more to the recipients, maximising your branding opportunities, and improving client relations. If you’re still confused about what to give away for Christmas to your clients and business partners, here’s a corporate gift guide for every industry.

1. Best Corporate Gifts for the Real Estate Industry

This year has been volatile for the real estate industry. To show appreciation to your clients and business partners for helping you survive, here are the best gifts to put your logo on.


Hampers are good gifts for both the holidays and housewarming. There’s nothing more festive and welcoming than giving them something that they can add to their holiday spread or use for when they’re in a pinch from all the moving in.

Cheese boards

Cheese boards may not be something that are present in all households, but they sure are something that anyone can appreciate. They also have a high-perceived value. If you want something to impress your recipients, this is the best gift for them!

Coffee mugs

No one would be opposed to receiving a coffee mug, even if they’re tea drinkers. Coffee mugs are versatile enough that people from all walks of life appreciate them, while also giving your brand plenty of exposure due to their usefulness.

2. Best Corporate Gifts for the Construction Industry

As an industry that has a projected moderate growth despite the turmoils this year, construction firms have plenty to be thankful for. Be the first company that comes to the minds of potential clients and suppliers and show your gratitude to your staff with corporate gifts that are sure to make you stand out.

Vacuum Drink Botttles

Working in a construction site under the harsh elements of the sun can leave people dehydrated. Make sure that they are staying hydrated and cool by giving them a drink bottle. When choosing a drink bottle, make sure that it can maintain the temperature of their drinks, such as vacuum flasks and metal drink bottles.

Multi-tool sets

Construction is a male-dominated field. As such, they will enjoy multi-tool sets as they have everything that a man might need in a bind: scissors, pliers, jackknives, and more.

Wireless chargers

Working on a construction project means you’re always on the move. Wireless chargers are perfect for those that work outdoors without the time to charge their phones inside their cars or offices.

3. Best Corporate Gifts for the Legal Industry

Legal firms place high importance on their relationships with their clients and staff. Therefore, it is still important to strengthen the relationships despite the pandemic. Since client lunches and meetings are not possible for now, you can send them corporate gifts to make your presence felt.

Executive business gift sets

Executive sets are made to impress. They usually consist of a journal, a metal pen, and sometimes a power bank, which are essentials for most professionals.

Laptop bags

You would be hard-pressed to find an executive or professional in the legal industry without their laptop bags. Since it is a high-paced industry, they are required to be always on the go. Despite the pandemic and everyone still staying at home to work, these bags will be much-appreciated once the world goes back to normal again.

Executive pens

Can you imagine lawyers without their designer pens? Legal work requires a lot of signatures and paperwork so pens are a must for any lawyer.

4. Best Corporate Gifts for the Sporting Industry

While live sporting events may have taken a huge hit due to the pandemic, the athletes and everyone involved in the game are still hard at work to be able to entertain the public through the screens. It is important to reward them for a job well done despite the risks they are facing.


You may not think of it, but music and sports go hand in hand together. Many athletes rely on music to keep them focused before a game and during practice. They will appreciate being given headphones as gifts as they can be used to enhance their performance.

Drink bottles

Everyone involved in the game loses a lot of body fluids while out there playing. Make sure they stay hydrated by giving them branded drink bottles. They also give your brand plenty of exposure due to frequent usage.

Duffel bags

Sports personnel and athletes frequently travel for away games. It is only natural to give them duffel bags for their travels. Bags are one of the highest-generating promotional products, so you’ll be guaranteed to get plenty of advertising mileage from them.

5. Best Corporate Gifts for the Mining Industry

The mining industry is dependent on connections and word-of-mouth to keep the business running. Get your brand out there by giving away these corporate gifts that are sure to impress.

Cooler bags

If you’re stuck on a mine site for a whole week, it’s only natural that you’ll want to spend your weekends off as far away from the mine as possible, whether it be on a beach or the park. Cooler bags will help them keep their food and drink cool so they can just relax and distress.


Flashlights are not just useful in the mines. They can also be used in other dark places, such as when the power is out in your home, or when you drop your keys outside. Either way, flashlights make for great corporate gifts as they signify their usefulness both within and outside the mines.


Tools are another necessity in the mines that can also be used in other situations. Tools can be helpful if you want to Macgyver something in your house or car.

Set your brand apart by giving away these useful corporate gifts that specifically target your audience!

Corporate gifts are made to be enjoyed, so make sure you give memorable ones! If you want a free custom product recommendation, you can book a call by filling out this link.