Find out why you should pay more attention to decoration methods

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Decoration methods may be an afterthought after ordering your promotional products, but they are an integral part of the items. After all, the product is just the vehicle to your logo and messaging. The decoration is what expands the reach of your brand to new territory. Here are the many decoration methods for your promotional products.

1. Screen Printing

Screen printing involves transferring UV inks through a fine screen mesh on an item. While screen printing is typically done for prints that are of 1 colour, multiple colours are also possible with the use of additional screens. However, each colour incurs an additional charge.

Best promotional products for Screen Printing

Promo printed t-shirt
screen printed bag
printed drink bottle plastic

2. Pad Printing

One of the most popular decoration methods, pad printing is an affordable decoration for prints with one to two colours maximum. This method involves using a silicone pad to transfer the ink onto the item. The pad printing machine holds both the product and the pad in place, then presses the pad into the ink and then onto the product.

Best promotional products for Pad Printing

printed custom pen
branded torch
promo stress balls

3. Full-Colour Digital Printing

Full-colour digital printing allows direct printing to a variety of items, from clothing to drink bottles. It is done through an inkjet printer which directly deposits ink onto the item. What’s great about full-colour digital printing is that it reproduces images vividly and accurately, variable data capability, and no restriction on colours and details.

Best promotional products for Full-Colour Digital Printing

full colour football
full colour card holder
printed coasters

4. Full Colour Digital Label

This decoration method is similar to full-colour digital printing, except this time it is printed directly on an adhesive label which is then stuck on the items. It is an affordable option for items that are difficult to be printed on.

Best promotional products for Full Colour Digital Label

branded snacks
labelled shampoo
promo hand sanitiser

5. Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing is a decoration method that transfers ink onto an item by using heat and pressure. Simply, the artwork is printed on a transfer paper with sublimation inks, which is then transferred onto an item using heat. This technique creates a finish that will not fade or come off with daily use.

Best promotional products for Sublimation Printing

full colour wrap mug
custom stubby holder
promotional cap full colour

6. Supasub

Supasub is an innovative decoration method that accurately remakes a design or logo into an embroidered patch that can then be sewn on an item. Regardless of the details and intricacies, Supasub can capture the fine lines, shapes, and gradients of the artwork!

Best promotional products for Supasub

bag with badge
promo scarf with badge
custom jacket with badge

7. Laser Engraving

If you want to add a classic decoration to your metal, glass, leather, and wooden items, laser engraving is your best pick. This decoration involves marking the surface of the item using a laser.

Best promotional products for Laser Engraving

engraved glass set
promo keyring engraved
engraved pen with logo

8. Imitation Etch

Glass products and imitation etch go hand in hand. It is a decoration method that uses a special pad printing ink to produce an etch-like effect.

Best promotional products for Imitation Etch

decorated glass
decorated water bottle
imatation etch wine glass

9. Embroidery

Embroidery is a unique decoration method for textile items, such as clothing, bags, and caps. This decoration involves reproducing the artwork by stitching the threads onto the fabric by a computerised embroidery machine.

Best promotional products for Embroidery

embroidered cap
embroidered badge
embroidered polo shirt

10. Debossing

Debossing works by imprinting the logo or design on an item using a hot engraved metal plate with heavy pressure. It leaves a subtle yet permanent mark on leather or imitation leather items, such as compendiums, portfolios, and notebooks.

Best promotional products for Debossing

11. Resin-Coated Epoxy Dome

Resin-coated epoxy dome is a decoration method that will last a long time. The artwork is printed on a vinyl label which is then coated by crystal clear resin. Once it dries, it is then applied to the surface of the product.

Best promotional products for Resin-Coated Epoxy Dome

Choose the best decoration method to make maximum branding impact!

Choosing the right decoration method for your preferred promo item will ensure that you make the maximum branding impact while also impacting your bottom line. For inquiries and orders, you can call, email, or fill out the link.