Appeal to the most influential generations with these Promotional Products

Summer is for the young and the young at heart. There is no other season that is jam-packed with events, activities, and trends that specifically target the millennials and Gen Z demographics. And there are benefits to be had by targeting them. They make up more than 40% of the workforce, wielding the most buying power among all consumers.

If you want your brand to gain a loyal following from the millennials and Gen Z, this season is the perfect time to do it! Here are promotional product ideas for your marketing campaigns and events.

Travel items

Millennials and Gen Z value experiences above all. According to Deloitte’s latest Millennial Survey, traveling is one of their top ambitions. Therefore, promotional travel items are guaranteed to make the most impact on your branding and essentially, your bottom line.

Eco-friendly accessories

Both these generations are more environmentally conscious as climate change is their top concern. With the widespread bushfire that has been ongoing since June 2019, it is important now more than ever for these generations to help protect the environment. Therefore, eco-friendly items are appealing to them.

Beach items

Millennials and Gen Z are all about having fun under the sun. Take advantage of the season and be present in the most popular place of the summer by giving away branded items that they can use at the beach.

Vacuum bottles

There has been an increase in sales of metal drink bottles and we’ve got the millennials and Gen Z to thank for that. These bottles are no longer just containers to drink beverages out of but also serve as a colourful accessory. You can find them in the feeds of many influencers on social media, particularly those in the fitness, fashion and homeware space. Even when the trend passes, they can still use your branded drink bottles, guaranteeing long-term brand visibility for your company.

Technology Accessories

These generations play hard and work even harder. They may love to travel but they also manage to get work done with 53% of the freelancers being Gen Z workers, according to an Upwork study in 2019. It is also crucial that they stay connected all the time as they are the heaviest users of social media. Give them branded tech products to help them climb their career ladders while also generating brand impressions.

Achieve Branding Success with these Millennial and Gen Z-Focused Promo Items!

Be the coolest brand among millennials and Gen Z under the sizzling sun this summer. If you need help in developing or integrating a promotional products plan into your marketing strategy, book a call through here.