Most Effective Promotional Items for Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast cancer is the second leading cancer for women next to skin cancer. Through the years, the mortality rate of the illness has been going down, thanks to the global celebration of the annual Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Held every October, this campaign is organized by major breast cancer charities, such as The McGrath Foundation, to increase awareness for this dreaded illness and raise funds for research into its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and cure. It also offers comfort to those affected by the illness and their loved ones. If your organization is planning a fundraising drive to join the cause, here are the top promotional products for breast cancer awareness.

Promotional Products for Breast Cancer Awareness #1: Notebook and Pen Sets

Featured item: Omega Notebook With Pen

One of the popular giveaways during fundraisers, these notebook and pen sets make for perfect giveaways, especially when coupled with wellness and preventative reading materials. These promotional products are also popular among people due to their usefulness and necessity, so you would be sure that it would make an impact on people’s awareness of breast cancer.

Promotional Products for Breast Cancer Awareness #2: Manicure Set

Featured product: Leather-Look Manicure Set

Another necessity, these manicure sets are used day to day to groom the nails. Suffice it to say that they are products that people can develop a dependence on. Since they are daily necessities, they will surely be used for years to come. Thus, your brand and messaging will achieve longevity.

Promotional Products for Breast Cancer Awareness #3: Tote Bags

Featured product: Kira A4 Tote Bag

Tote bags prove useful especially if you have several giveaways that need to be bundled up for your event. These tote bags are not just made to hold all your giveaways though. They can still be used even beyond the event as people can use them for all kinds of activities, such as traveling, shopping and more. They are also the top generator of brand impressions out of all promotional items, which means that your messaging will get across not just the recipients but also to the people around them.

Promotional Products for Breast Cancer Awareness #4: Baller Bracelets

Featured product: Stride Pedometer Bracelet

Charity runs are increasingly getting more popular these days. If this is the event that you choose for your fundraiser, choose bracelets that they can use over and over again and not just for the event. Pedometer bracelets not also look good also but encourage people to walk more, which is a great way to keep healthy and prevent cancer.

Promotional Products for Breast Cancer Awareness #5: Promotional T Shirts

Featured product: AS Colour Staple Tee

It’s not just women who suffer from this illness. Although rare, men are susceptible to breast cancer, too, which is why it is important to have unisex branded merchandise such as promotional t-shirts to be inclusive. Shirts are great walking advertisements that can be used for a wide range of events. They can also be used even beyond Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This means that people will be reminded to get mammograms and other preventative check-ups all year round.

Breast cancer awareness and support shouldn’t stop after this month passes. People should be constantly reminded to get regular mammograms and check-ups, along with living a healthy lifestyle through timeless promotional products that stand the test of time. For any inquiries about any of the promotional products mentioned, please call us at 02 8072 3350. You can also contact The McGrath Foundation and other local charity organizations if you want to give support to the cause.