A Business Planning Checklist for the Post-Coronavirus World

Reopening a business for the Phase 3 and 4 restrictions is like going into battle. You need to plan and prepare in order to win it. However, it can be easy to neglect important back-end things with so many things that need to be done when reopening a business, especially on the front end. To help you get on top of things, here’s a complete business planning checklist for reopening your business for the post-Coronavirus world.

1. Review your finances

Reopening can incur costs which can be a struggle for businesses after income loss due to the lockdown the past couple of months. Find out how your business is doing financially and if you need to cut corners or get additional funding in order to reopen and operate in the coming months.

2. Plot out your strategy

With tough times to come, a new in business strategy is needed to accommodate the changes in the economy. Iron out your plans for the coming months. Create new goals, deadlines, events, and projects in order to support your business growth. Reschedule the events that were canceled due to the pandemic or a plan B in case it’s not possible to reschedule in the near future.

3. Prep your staff

Whether your staff has been working from home the past couple of months or furloughed, you will need to prepare them for the reopening. We are coming upon a new world, so there’ll be plenty of operational changes that the staff needs to know due to the new health and safety regulations. If they need to wear uniforms, order them appropriate company winter workwear to protect them from the cold.

Recent staffing changes such as downsizing may also shake up the workload so divide the assignments among the remaining employees. Resume the hiring process if you need more staff.

4. Get in touch with your clients

This is the most important time to be visible to clients. Inform them that you’re back in business through email or call. Even if your business has been MIA the past couple of months, reassure them that you can serve their needs well like before. Do you have promo giveaways lying around that you were supposed to give last quarter? Give it to them now for added visibility. Compared to advertisements, branded gifts last longer and give more advertising mileage. If you want to find affordable corporate gifts, you can order from our latest and hottest promo gifts from our EOFY Sale!

5. Reach out to your suppliers

Check to see which of your suppliers are operational and likewise inform them that you’re back in business. Check if they have stocks and if they are running any reopening deals or sales. If you can, pay at least half upfront with the remaining in 30 days to help them out and strengthen your relationship with them.
h2. 6. Prepare the workplace

Protect your staff and customers by sanitising the workplace. Schedule a deep-cleaning appointment for your office or place of business. As for computers and equipment, make sure that the software programs and antivirus are up-to-date and "office supplies:/store/category/2802-office are well-stocked.

7. Let the digital world know that you’re back

Calling and emailing your clients can only do so much. Remind them and other prospective clients of what your company can do by beefing up your social media and web presence. Now’s the right time to revamp your website and be aggressive in your social media marketing to attract more leads and gain revenues.

8. Be proactive in taking care of clients

Be a valuable partner to your clients rather than just being a service provider. Lend a helping hand to them whether they’re open for business or still haven’t reopened. Give them free and valuable inputs that could help them get back up. A gesture like this doesn’t go unnoticed and will ensure that you’re the first one they’ll come to when they’re in need of your products or services.

9. Go after new prospects

With so many businesses that closed down, you might want to target new prospects. Leave no stone unturned. Fill up the gap that other closed-down businesses have left and seal the deal by inviting the client for a one-on-one meeting and showing them what your company is capable of and how you can help them.

10. Boost employee morale

Coming from months of solitude and working from home can be taxing for your staff. Strengthen the bond within the workplace and boost their morale by initiating employee engagement events, such as Taco Tuesdays, Pizza day, or happy hour.

Bonus: If business isn’t picking up yet

It may take some time before your business gets back up again, so make good use of that extra downtime by improving yourself and your staff. Enhance everyone’s skill set by watching webinars and online courses that you could use for work.

Be fully prepared to reopen your business with these 10 business planning tips!

Planning and preparation are key to thriving in this tumultuous business climate. If you need in-depth promotional marketing advice, get a FREE CONSULTATION from one of our seasoned account managers! Book through this link.