3 Best Ethical Promo Marketing Practices during the Pandemic

Marketing has transformed overnight since the pandemic hit. What used to be normal in marketing practices may now be considered taboo with some aggressive tactics being seen as tone-deaf and tacky.

It’s no longer just about self-promotion, but how you can contribute to your market and society. It’s about building trust. With everything that’s happening in the world right now, you have to promote how you can drive a positive impact on your community with your products and services. In essence, the question that promo marketing should answer is “What can you do for your people?” To help answer that question for your own brand, take a look below to see how brands are doing marketing differently.

1. Recognising that face masks are the new hats

There is no other accessory that could rival the popularity of face masks right now as it has become an essential item. What brands like Disney, NBA, and NFL have been doing are selling branded face masks with their proprietary characters and team logos. However, they have been careful not to be seen as taking advantage of the situation by donating their sales proceeds to charities.

It doesn’t look like face masks are going away any time soon. In fact, they are here to stay as long as the danger of the virus looms. Many companies are expected to sell branded face masks for profit or use them for promotion eventually due to the prime advertising spot on people’s faces.

1. Preparing staff for going back-to-school or work

With the lockdown easing up, people are starting to go back to school and work. Brands have been preparing their staff for their eventual return to work. One such brand, Ford, is preparing to restart its automotive production capabilities after switching to manufacturing respirators and personal protective equipment (PPE) at the height of the pandemic. To guarantee the health and safety of their staff, they have outfitted them with PPE, such as face masks, latex and nitrile gloves, and face shields. Sometimes, the promotion has to start from within your organisation. Employees after all are the best endorsers for your brand.

Showing empathy in these tough times

It is a tough world we’re living in right now. Naturally, people are scared and they want to feel like they’re not alone, that they’re understood. Acknowledging those feelings while also lightening up the mood in your marketing strategy is crucial. Mcdonald’s and Heinz released limited-edition custom puzzles to help customers fight boredom during the quarantine. McDonald’s puzzles were given away for free through a social media contest while Heinz sold theirs and donated the proceeds to charitable organisations.

Don’t alienate your market with these 3 ethical promo marketing techniques!

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