5 Creative Fundraising Sponsorship Ideas for Not-for-Profits

Tired of your old fundraising ideas? If you find that you keep recycling old ideas for your fundraising initiatives, why not try to shake things up with the use of promotional products?

Promotional products are great for increasing brand awareness for your not-for-profit organisation. In some cases, they also incentivise people into buying your fundraising promotional products they get something in return when they donate to your fundraiser.

Ready to start using promotional products to achieve your fundraising objectives? Here are 5 creative fundraising promotional products ideas to help you.


Umbrellas make the perfect fundraising promotional giveaways for charity golf tournaments. Each panel can be sold as an advertising spot where brands can imprint their logos or messaging. You can also sell higher level sponsorships where brands can dominate the entire umbrella. For sports teams, competitions, and school events, you can sell these umbrellas for additional revenue.

Not only do you achieve your fundraising goal, but you also help brands generate exposure and impressions. Check out our extensive range of promotional umbrellas here.

Chinese Paper Lanterns

If you’re throwing a highly public fundraising event, brands would be clamouring to associate with it even if it’s just printing their logos on the decors. If you are throwing a concert, street party, marathon or any outdoor fundraising event, you can offer advertising sponsorships on Chinese paper lanterns instead of banners. Not only do paper lanterns add colour and fun into your event, they also generate interest and exposure for the sponsors. They are also eco-friendly, perfect for environment-related causes.

Drink Bottles

Drink bottles are some of the most popular promotional items because they are essential to people’s everyday’s lives. Therefore, you can be assured that if you choose drink bottles as a fundraising item, you won’t be disappointed. To change things up a bit, instead of just printing your logo on the drink bottles, why not customise them according to the buyers’ preferences? You can imprint their names on the drink to make it truly their own or messages if they want to give it away to someone else.

Picnic Blankets

When the weather’s perfect, why not take advantage of it and throw your fundraising activity outdoors? Picnic blankets are the perfect promotional giveaways for just that. You can use them for outdoor charity movie showings, picnics, and concerts. The way the sponsorship works is that people can buy a picnic blanket space for the event (similar to when sponsoring a table for a gala). You can also opt to upsell additional items such as plush cushions, additional drinks or food that are not available for regular sponsors, and other VIP services.

Check out our picnic blankets here.

Bonus: Tote bags

Whatever fundraising gimmick you choose, don’t forget to put them in tote bags. These tote bags are inexpensive yet effective at generating buzz about your cause and organisation. Tote bags generate 3,300 impressions during its 11-month lifetime. They are even more effective than traditional ads in capturing people’s interest and making them research more about your organisation.

Ready to throw a unique and creative fundraising campaign tailored for you?

If you already have a promotional products idea of your own but can’t find it online? Don’t worry! We’ll help you create a bespoke item that’s unique to your organisation. Alternately, you can also drop us a line if you need help in coming up with ideas. Spill the details about your organisation’s needs, goals, and event details through our online enquiry form. You can also contact us at 02 8072 3350 and sales@brandconnect.com.au.