Here Are the Samples You Can Order for Free at Brandconnect

To see is to believe.

It is therefore difficult to convince consumers without the actual product right in front of them. Sure, businesses can promise the moon to the consumers, but they would be hard-pressed to believe the promised benefits and high quality of an item without experiencing them first-hand.

Here in Brandconnect, we understand people’s hesitation in committing to a bulk order of an item that they have yet to see. Which is why we provide Free Samples of most of our promotional products priced under $10 to all our customers both potential and old. Our loyal Brandconnect Plus members can order samples of all promo items for free except for high-value items and some clothing pieces. If you want to know what you can order for free, here’s a sneak peek of our Free Samples

Promotional Notebooks

Promotional notebooks are the it-item of the moment. It comes as no surprise since they are appropriate for people of all ages and from all walks of life. They also have a long shelf-life, multiple decoration options, and comes in a variety of styles and price points, making it the perfect giveaway for brands.

Request for Samples of these Promotional Notebooks

Melrose Notebook

Design Your Own Notebook! – SEA

Promotional Pens

As one of the cheapest promotional products, promotional pens are the most commonly used branded giveaways by companies. However, cheap doesn’t have to mean cheaply made. You can still find affordable promotional pens that have a premium look and feel. The only problem is finding out which stores have these. With Brandconnect, you can inspect the promotional pens in the flesh since you can order samples of them for free.

Request for Samples of these Promotional Pens

Eco Bamboo Ball Pen

Avenger Highlighter Pen

Promotional Tote Bags

With Australia’s ban against single-use plastic bags, promotional tote bags have become the new must-have items for supermarkets, shops, and other commercial businesses. It is important for promotional tote bags to be of utmost quality as they are expected to carry heavy loads. Test the strength of promotional tote bags that you’re interested in by ordering a sample.

Request for Samples of these Promotional Tote Bags

Moomin Jute Tote Bag – Colour Match

Compact Shopping Bag

Promotional Drinkware

Promotional drinkware is a popular promotional product all year round. Aside from people’s need to stay constantly hydrated, most people also need a container for their coffee.

Request for Samples of this Promotional Drinkware

Telescopic Stainless Steel Straw – in tube with carabiner

Natures Take Away Coffee Cup

Eden Glass Bottle – Full Colour

Promotional Baseball Caps

Promotional baseball caps are another hot items that can be quite embarrassing for the advertiser if they are cheaply made. Get a feel for the item by ordering a sample.

Request for Samples of these Promotional Baseball Caps

Scout Military Style Cap

Shadowmist Cool Dry Cap

Order Free Samples without Obligation Today!

Ordering free samples are easy and hassle-free with Brandconnect. All you have to do is order off the page of the promotional item that you prefer. Most members can order anything under $10 for free and beyond $10 for a nominal fee. Brandconnect Plus members can order anything except high-value items for free. For more questions, you can talk with our Brand Guardians at 02 8072 3350.