Beginner’s Guide to Promotional Products Tailored to Your Brand

When you design promotional products for your brand, the number one rule is they have to make an impact on your targets and campaign as well as your bottom line. In a sea of free giveaways and corporate gifts, how do you set your brand and logo-imprinted apart from your competitors? How do you design promotional products that are aligned with your brand values? Here are the five tips to guide you in creating promotional products that will suit your brand identity and target market.

Find a purpose for your promotional products

Promotional products work best if they are developed to support your marketing strategy. You need your promotional products to achieve results, whether it is to generate sales or leads, improving brand awareness, promoting your participation in trade shows and conferences, or establishing better client or employee relations. Your goal influences what kind of promotional products you should choose and how best to distribute them. If your company is participating in a trade show, you could draw people to your booth if you give away items such as promotional tote bags, lanyards, and key chains.

Look around to your competitors for inspiration

It’s not wrong to be inspired by your competitors. Doing competitor research also sheds light on what works for your industry and what doesn’t. Keep in mind that you should only take a little from their ideas and not totally base your promotional products on theirs as you still have to establish your own identity. Take your competitors’ ideas and improve on them, turning their cons into pros.

Seek out the opinions of your intended recipients

The most important opinion on the promotional products you’ll be giving away belongs to your recipients, whether they’re your clients, customers, or employees. Find out what promotional products they need and want to receive by conducting a survey. If such a thing is not possible, think of what the recipients need. In any market research, you can get a grasp of the behaviours and habits of your consumers, so use this information to design promotional products.

Find promotional products that are useful and enriching to the recipients’ lives

You know what makes certain promotional products successful? Their necessity. The more that promotional products are used by the recipients, the more that you stand to gain from their constant exposure to your brand.

Which brings us to our next point, avoid low-priced and subpar promotional products as this cuts into the total brand impressions that you can generate from the product. A piece of branded merchandise can generate thousands of impressions for its entire shelf life since people tend to keep them for more than a year. When no longer useful to them, they also tend to pass them on to their friends and colleagues, thus, scoring you new impressions from the new owners. However, cheaply made promotional products might not even last for a couple of months, which means you won’t be able to achieve the full potential of their marketing benefits.

Test-drive the promotional products

If you want to test the waters with your newly designed promotional products, try having your employees use them first before the roll-out. This way you’ll get to know their first-hand experience of using the product. In addition, giving them promotional products to incentivize their performance will also make them feel more motivated to work and build up their loyalty.

Creating promotional products that are tailored to your brand need not be complicated. You only need to conduct market research in order to know your brand and industry well. If you want to design promotional products of your own, you can let us know your specifications, and we will help you come up with the ideas. Fill up this form, and we’ll be in touch with you. You can also call us on 02 8072 3350 to speak to our friendly representatives.