6 Things Businesses MUST Do if Their Events Got Cancelled

If you’re one of the unlucky businesses that had a scheduled event when the Coronavirus hit, then you know that it sucks. It is unfortunate that after spending all the time and money organising the event, only to have it cancelled or postponed for the unforeseeable future. Many have been affected, including trade shows, conferences, expos, and even large-scale events, such as SXSW, Coachella, and possibly, the Summer Olympics 2020 in Tokyo.

However, it is a necessary measure to stop the spread of the virus in its tracks. We may not control outside elements that may prevent our events from taking place, but we can be resourceful in how we handle things when our events get cancelled or postponed. Take, for example, the promotional products for your event. You don’t have to throw it away. Here are 6 ways you can still use your promotional products to minimise damage and costs.

Use the promotional products to promote your next event

Instead of leaving your promotional products to gather up dust in your office, you can use them to promote your upcoming events. This will remind your customers to look out for your next event. Your items will also serve as advertising so that they’ll be curious about your brand and do business with your company in the future.

Donate your products

If the branded items you ordered are necessities that are currently in high demand in the crisis, (e.g., sanitisers, masks, and antibacterial wipes), you can donate them to organisations that have a dire need for them, such as hospitals, retirement homes, clinics, and high-risk groups (senior citizens and people with co-morbids). Not only will you be helping out the community, but your company or organisation will also receive a publicity boost. People also tend to remember these selfless acts, which would come in handy when you reach out for funding support.

Shift your focus on direct marketing campaigns

Most companies participate in and organise events to build their brands and businesses. You can still find a way to do this, albeit remotely, through direct mail campaigns. Direct mailers are the most trusted form of marketing by 56% of consumers, making it the next best thing.

How do you distinguish yourself from other direct mail campaigns? By personalising the products or messaging to the customers. Use the information from your database to personalise the gifts, strategic messages, recipients and more.

Create a work-from-home kit for the employees

Plenty of companies are assigning their staff to work from home to ensure their health and safety. If you’re one of these companies, you can include your event items as part of the work-from-home kit for your employees. This could improve their morale and productivity as well as make sure that they are comfortable while working at home.

To create your Custom Work-from-Home Pack, check out our previous blog here.

Strengthen your client relationships

It is important now more than ever to reach out to your present customers and clients to show that you care. Use your branded items as corporate gifts. These are trying times and sending them corporate gifts to show your concern and appreciation will go a long way. Connecting with them on a personal level strengthens client relationships and builds up client loyalty.

Refocus your sights to thriving industries

The Coronavirus is taking a toll on many industries. So it is time to do your research and refocus your sights and find leads in thriving industries. You can use the products intended for the event as an outreach gift as part of your client prospecting and lead generation efforts.

Move on from event cancellations with Brandconnect

The world is full of uncertainties and difficulties but with companies working together, we will all get through this. Brandconnect wants to help out companies in this difficult time by offering our marketing consultations for free. If you have struggles with events cancellations or promotional products strategy, book a call with us through this link.