5 Workplace Health & Safety Must-Haves after Reopening

The pandemic has transformed the way we do things overnight. Businesses now have to be extra stringent about following the health and safety guidelines to ensure their staff’s wellbeing. Here are 5 non-negotiable items that you NEED to establish a safe workplace for your staff and customers.

1. Hand Sanitiser

It goes without saying that hand sanitiser is the most important item in your place of business right now. It is essential for industries that deal with plenty of people, such as supermarkets, restaurants, banks, and other customer-facing businesses.

2. Drink Bottles

Whether used as employee giveaway or promotional items, drink bottles still remain to be essential for businesses. Employees can’t share mugs now in the pantry so it is encouraged to give each staff member their own drink bottle to use while at work. They can also be used to improve employee morale and promote branding beyond the workplace. They can also be given away as customer incentives, corporate gifts, and promotional giveaways.

3. Protective Screens

Aside from social distancing, personal barriers should be implemented to protect each staff and customer. They could be installed in between office desks, restaurant tables, cashiers, and counters.

4. Face Masks

Another form of protection is face masks. Coronavirus is a sneaky disease that easily spreads as some people never get symptoms. Wearing a face mask protects people from unknowingly spreading it as well as catching it.

5. Staff Wearables

With the employees going back to work, it is important to restock on company uniforms, such as branded shirts, jackets, bags, lanyards, and caps. Company uniforms are effective tools to promote your brand and a sense of belongingness among your employees.

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