Promotional Product Guide for the Generation Z Consumers

The Generation Z consumers may not be the top priority of marketers right now, but they are gearing up to be the next powerhouse shoppers, even most of them are still not part of the workforce yet. What they lack in monetary resources, they make up for in their technological and social influence. Why are they the burgeoning consumers of our economy and why should you be targeting them with promo products? Read below to find out.

Who are the Generation Z consumers?

Buying power

This group of people born in the mid-‘90s to the early naughts makes up 4.5 million of Australia’s total population. Although they are the youngest out of all consumer generations, they harness a considerably strong buying power. By 2020, it is estimated that they will comprise 40% of the world’s shoppers. They are also reported to have the largest spending when compared to other generations of kids in the past. Parents these days are more accommodating of their children’s wants than in the past, therefore, giving them more clout on the household budget.

Technological Mastery

They are among the most influential with their dominance on technology and trends. They have been born at the emergence of groundbreaking technological advances in the world. Unlike with other generations, they eat, breathe, and live technology. Most of them check their social media accounts even before getting out of bed and spend an average of 10 hours a day online. They tend to favor Instagram, Snapchat, and Youtube out of all the social media platforms, which proves that they are stimulated more by videos and images.

They also tend to be fans of social media influencers. Brands who want to get noticed by Gen Z consumers should tap influencers to attract their attention.

Social awareness

Gen Z consumers are more environmentally and socially conscious than other generations. They are more likely to favour brands that give back to society. They also give importance to waste reduction and environmentally friendly practices.

Attention Span

Since they are inundated with information all the time through their constant online exposure, Gen Z consumers have a short attention span. They have an average of 8 seconds of attention span, necessitating marketing efforts that are short and engaging.

Entrepreneurial Streak

Despite their short attention span, they have a penchant for setting up their own businesses. According to Harvard Business Review, 70% of Gen Z consumers are self-employed, whether they’re conducting music lessons or profiting off their own social media accounts. Most of those who are still in high school are planning to start their own business someday, directly out of college.

Promotional Product Marketing Strategy for Generation Z consumers

Judging from the beha666viours of Generation Z consumers, the promo products that would make an impact on them are environmentally friendly, customisable, and Instagram appealing. Here are the following promo items that would be a hit among these young consumers.

Promotional Drink bottles

Reusable drink bottles are popular promo items among these buyers as they are environmentally friendly. Our Glass Metro Cup is not only reusable and attention-grabbing, but also customisable with almost 200 colour combinations to choose from.

Promotional Shirts

With the emerging Normcore trend, Generation Z consumers are fond of simple and comfortable pieces such as oversized t-shirts that feature logos of their favourite band or other loud emblems of brands. Our Sublimated Crew Neck T-Shirt will make for good Instagram OOTD (Outfit of the Day for those who are not aware). They also have the option of being personalised with its full print-colour capability.

Promotional Backpacks

As part of their love for athleisure, Gen Z consumers love using a backpack to carry their things around in school. This Sidekick Backpack has a design that is inspired by athletics. It also has a mesh pocket for their drink bottles.

Mobile Phone Accessories

Seeing that there is nothing that the Gen Z consumers use more often than their mobile phones, it seems fitting that you give them promo items that will customise and accessorise the important item in their lives. This Soft Touch Phone Cover Series has a huge surface area at the back that can be completely printed with your preferred logo or design.

Power Banks

Due to their need to be constantly connected, power banks will be much-appreciated promo products to keep their mobile phones juiced up at all times. This Power Bank Speaker can do just that. It can also serve as a speaker if they want to jam to music.

Order Promotional Products to Target Generation Z Consumers Today

The Generation Z consumers are not an enigma. They are just the fruit of their time, being that they are well-informed, more connected, and technologically advanced. To get started on your promotional product marketing strategy, contact us by phone at 02 8072 3350 or email us at