5 Marketing Opportunities You Are Missing Out on During the Pandemic

“Improvise, adapt, and overcome.”

That’s the slogan companies should adopt since the world has ground to halt due to the Coronavirus pandemic. While many companies stopped operations and had huge staff layoffs, we have to keep in mind that if it’s not okay, it’s not the end.

You don’t have to be limited by this unfortunate situation. You can make your situation work for you by looking for missed opportunities to keep your brand relevant in these trying times. Here are 5 missed marketing opportunities that you should be leveraging during COVID-19.

1. Direct Mail

If people can’t come to your store, then go to their home! Direct mail is the perfect marketing approach during the quarantine since where else would the people be but at home? Send them promotional products that ensure your marketing efforts don’t go straight to the bin. But you can’t just give them any item, you have to give them something relevant, useful, and/or informative.

  • “Sanitisers ":/store/category/4796-hand-sanitisers
  • Paper soaps that could be printed with hand washing instructions
  • “Wet wipes and tissues ":/store/category/4798-protective-prevention
  • Magnetic To Do Lists

Promotional products serve to promote brand awareness, generate and nurture leads, and retain brand loyalty.

2. Social media

Now that the golden age of social media has reached its peak usage during the pandemic, it is the perfect time to beef up on your social media campaign if you haven’t already. Keep your brand relevant by creating content that reveals your brand personality to strengthen the relationship with your followers and attract new ones. People are also more likely to be more receptive to ads.

3. Inbound marketing

Since social media consumption is at its peak right now, there is no better time to position yourself as a thought leader and influencer in your niche. Create inbound marketing content that will assert this position, such as blogs, infographics, IG carousels, webinars, podcasts, and video series.

No matter your industry, you can create relevant content that will serve useful to your targets. Although they may not be able to buy from or do business with your company right now, keeping them engaged will ensure that they’ll buy from you once everything goes back to normal.

4. Email newsletters

Strengthen your email marketing efforts during this time. Craft emails that will help customers weather this difficult time. The key is to be relevant, informative, entertaining, empathetic, and helpful in your emails. It is a sensitive time so avoid coming off as exploitative. Again, the conversion may be difficult as people may be conservative in their spending, but engaging them will keep your brand in their minds and do business with you once this is over.

5. Social responsibility initiatives

Donating or lending a helping hand in any way you can is a good publicity move that can put the spotlight on your brand. Brand perception influences the buying decision of consumers and being socially responsible improves your brand perception big time!

Social responsibility not only builds your brand but also helps out the community. You could create and sell limited-edition shirts and donate some or all of the proceeds to your local hospital. Like Louis Vuitton, Coty and other fashion and beauty brands, you can also turn your manufacturing facilities to produce hand sanitiser and face masks and then donate them to healthcare professionals. If your resources are limited, you could show your support by creating digital campaigns to recognise frontline workers.

Make your brand relevant by leveraging these 5 missed marketing opportunities during the crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult for a lot of businesses. Don’t go down without a fight and explore all avenues to keep your business relevant during these tough times. If you are unsure of how to move forward at this time, we are offering free marketing consultations! Get in touch with our Account Managers through this link. You can also call or email us.