How to Host Events During COVID-19 Restrictions

Due to the pandemic, hosting an event is a lot different than it used to be. The rules keep changing: the restrictions loosen up as fast as they tighten back up again. Businesses, particularly those that rely heavily on event management and organisation, can’t wait for the pandemic to end. In order to survive, they need to adapt and overcome the challenges.

Since the curve has been successfully flattening, we are allowed to organise events, conferences, and gatherings again at a smaller and more conservative scale. While the rules for each state vary with some states completely banning all forms of gatherings like in Victoria, here are the common public health rules that should be observed for events and gatherings across most territories.

1. 4 square meters per person for indoor events

For events that are conducted indoors, the 4-square-meter rule must be followed. There should only be only one person per 4 square meters of the area with a maximum of 300 people, whichever is lesser.

2. Physical distance of 1.5 meter

Regardless if there is no reported case in your state, it is important to maintain physical distancing when outside. It is important to maintain a 1.5-meter separation between people in public spaces at all times. This applies to everyone in the event, including the event staff and volunteers and attendees, and should be practiced at all times. People may congregate during breaks or upon going home and they need to be vigilant about this distance to maintain their safety at all times.

Tip: Keep up signages all over the place to remind people to keep their distance at all times.

3. Proper hand hygiene

Hand hygiene prevents the spread of a lot of diseases and most especially Coronavirus. Make sure that hand sanitisers are placed strategically throughout the area and request everyone to apply it upon entry. Signage also helps in reminding people to frequently sanitise their hands. You could also give them hand soaps that they could use while in the event or take home with them.

4. Frequent thorough cleaning and sanitation

Throughout the event, it is important to sanitise the high-touch surfaces and shared items frequently, including the door handles, countertops, tables, and toilets. There should also be a cleaning log so staff can keep track of and adhere to the stricter cleaning regime.

5. Ensure good health of everyone involved in the event.

You need to take extra precautions to make sure that everyone at the event is relatively Covid-free. First, event staff and volunteers should be tested before the event to get a clean bill of health. Secondly, the temperature of each individual should also be taken at the door and turn them away if they feel unwell or have any symptoms.

Events made safe with rules & regulations

It is still possible to organise successful events safely as long as you comply with rules and regulations. However, it is still best to take your events online as the virus can be highly contagious. For branded event merchandise needs, including event staff wear, signage, and COVID-19 essentials, order from Brandconnect. Share your shopping list with us and we’ll give you product recommendations. Fill out this form here.