Don’t let your brand be left in the cold this Winter with Branded Merchandise!

Is your brand ready to heat it up with promotional winter products with the cold season coming up? Travellers are a target that companies and organisations should be paying more attention to as this season is expected to boost domestic and international tourism. People want to spend more on travel this year than ever before, according to the Skyscanner Horizons report 2022. They are also forecasting higher demand for domestic and short-haul travel.

To capitalise on this, brands are organising and sponsoring events, launching promotions, and giving corporate gifts to clients and employees. Don’t let your brand get cold this season, use these 5 promo products to spread awareness. Keep reading until the end to get a special discount on selected winter products!

1. Promotional Winterwear

Winter Wear pieces are must-haves for everyone this season. They are also key promotional tools for any brand. Whether used as company uniforms, given as employee or client gifts, or sold as branded merchandise, promo winter wear such as jackets, gloves and scarves will generate plenty of impressions and attention for your brand due to their usefulness and stylishness.

Tip: Choose something stylish and neutrally coloured so that people are more likely to bring them along on trips. Even better if the item has multiple functions like a jacket that has a removable hoodie and pockets or a set with all essential winter accessories, such as a beanie, gloves, and a scarf to save space in their luggage.

2. Promotional Beanies

What is winter without a beanie? Whether they’re used as fashion accents, to hide a bad hair day, or to stay warm during the cold, custom beanies are essential accessories during the winter and particularly during travel.

Promo beanies are also perfect giveaways or gifts for travellers as they are compact and affordable. For budget-conscious brands, they are cost-efficient as not only are they affordable but they also deliver a solid ROI due to the high amount of brand exposure and recognition that the hats provide, particularly in this season.

3. Promotional Umbrellas

Branded umbrellas may be seasonal items but the good thing is that fall and winter are their best seasons. While they may not be needed all year round, they are always good to have at hand and they are so useful that everyone would appreciate receiving them as gifts.

Due to their massive print surface, they make for good promotional tools as logos and messaging can grab attention from afar. Even better, with the grey weather, colourful logos and designs can easily stand out.

Tip: Brands can go as big and colourful with their designs and logos with custom umbrellas. Big and bold work well with these items to increase visibility.

4. Personalised Travel Mugs

Promo travel mugs work best, especially with domestic travellers. Be associated with the warmth, comfort, and relaxation that a cup of coffee brings when you use branded travel mugs as part of your promotional campaign.

No matter what your budget is, you can find the right travel mugs for your brand. It comes in a wide range of price points, from super affordable ones that can be part of promo giveaways to premium ones that can be given to clients, executives, and employees.

5. Promotional Blankets

Due to the pandemic, people might be more conscious about using blankets on the plane. Give them personalised blankets for their upcoming trips. These items can be something that they can use all year round - on camping trips, lounging on their patio after a long hard day, or to keep them cosy in bed.

While it doesn’t attract as many impressions as the above items, they make up for it with the brand loyalty and retention that they inspire as they are more likely to be kept longer and seen and used more frequently.

Boost Brand Visibility with Promo Winter Travel Products this Season!

Spread brand awareness by designing your promotional campaigns around the surge in winter tourism! Take advantage of our special discounts on winter items. Check out our deal of the month to find out the participating items. If you want to get free product recommendations for your upcoming campaigns, reach out to us by chat, email, or phone.