5 Buzz-Worthy Promotional Products to Spend Your Remaining Budget On

Do you find yourself with an extra budget this EOFY?

Then you’re probably in a hurry to spend it all before you lose it. Getting new promotional products is the best way to spend it whether you’re after optimising your tax deductions, looking to get a headstart for the new financial year, or throwing a last-minute EOFY promotion. Here are the best promotional products in Australia to give your brand and business finances a buzz this EOFY.

Promotional Notebooks

Promotional notebooks have made a huge comeback this year despite everything going digital. They make as perfect giveaways no matter what your target market is due to its universal appeal and reasonable prices. Promotional notebooks are also highly customisable with its wide range of design options and styles to choose from.

Branded Reusable Coffee Cups

Coffee addiction is at an all-time high so it comes as no surprise that reusable coffee cups are one of the most popular and useful promotional items this EOFY season. Your brand will be sure to get the ubiquitous visibility it deserves due to the guaranteed frequency of use by people.

Promotional Straws and Drink Bottles

Water is essential, especially with our growing active lifestyle. Because of this, promotional straws and drink bottles are effective forms of advertisements since they’ll be sure to get plenty of use, which will then bring plenty of impressions for your brand. They are also appropriate for various types of marketing campaigns, ranging from employee engagement activities to gym signup promotions.

Promotional Tote Bags

It is always a good time to buy promotional tote bags. Not only do they serve as a replacement of the banned plastic bags, but they are also one of the highest impression-generators out of all the promotional products. Promotional tote bags are modern-day mobile billboards due to their considerable size and placement on a person’s body when in use. They can also be used for a wide variety of purposes, so if you are still unsure of what to use it for, just know that you can use it for practically anything. As shopping bags? Check! As giveaways? Check! To package up a conference or event pack? Check!

Promotional Lanyards & Badge Holders

Similar to promotional tote bags, lanyards and badges can also be used for a wide range of campaigns and by various industries. They can be rewarded to employees at your company to bolster morale, used to complete the staff uniform at your event or parties or given away as gifts to customers or clients.

Order the Top Promotional Products before the EOFY season ends!

Spend your budget wisely by buying promotional products. Promotional products are guaranteed to help you reach your company goals for the next tax season. If you are still unsure what to buy, you could fill us in through this form and we can come up with ideas for you.