6 Freshest Trends We Found at this Year’s APPA Roadshow

The APPA Roadshow 2019 recently showcased the latest in promotional products and related services. We got to see the best and the brightest in promotional products, from clothing, branded giveaways, to bespoke premium items. Here are the standout stars of this year’s APPA Roadshow.

The Trendiest and Most Popular Promotional Products at this Year’s APPA Roadshow

Promotional Drink Bottles:

Drink bottles are one of the trendiest promotional products in the APPA Roadshow as more advertisers are making the move toward environmental sustainability and reusable items. Giving away drink bottles are a safe move as everyone needs to drink water. There is not one person who would not appreciate getting a promotional drink bottle that they can use at the gym, office, daily walks, or just shopping.

Featured drink bottle:

Moonlit Quencher Water Bottle

Mix-n-match Copper Vacuum Insulated Bottle

Promotional Coffee Cups:

For some, coffee is considered as the substitute for the blood that is coursing through their veins. It has been reported that one in 4 Australians is dependent on coffee, comprising of a third of the Gen Y and Gen X generations. It is no surprise then that promotional coffee cups are all the rage during the APPA Roadshow. To kick it up a notch, some of the coffee cups are made from sustainable resources such as rice husk and bamboo.

Featured coffee cup:

Natures Take Away Coffee Cup

Promotional Stainless Straws:

As you may have noticed, everything that is connected to hydration, staying healthy, and environmentally friendly items make for hot giveaways. The latest move to ban plastic items has made stainless straws a necessity, which makes these items a must-have for everyone. They’re guaranteed to generate more impressions for your brand. Some people find it troublesome to lug around these items due to their length. The stainless steel straw below banishes that problem as it is retractable and can fit any standard-sized pocket or small purses.

Featured stainless straw:

Telescopic Stainless Steel Straw – in tube with carabiner

Printing options

Gone are the days of plain screen print on items. There were several new printing options that were launched in APPA Roadshow that take the logo or messaging print on your item to the next level. Printing technology such as Glosstone, ColourSplash, Ultracolour Weeded Transfer, and 3D printing make your prints pop out more and catch more consumer attention.


ColourSplash with Glosstone accents

3D Printing

Promotional Notebooks

One would think that since everything has gone digital that note-taking will be a thing of the past. Wrong! Notebooks are coming back with a vengeance. They are now as multifunctional as your phone, with some even acting as a phone holder. Another thing that’s new with these next-level notebooks is that they come with various printing options now to make your item branding stand out.

Featured notebook:

Calgary A5 Notebook

Promotional Tote Bags:

Tote bags still remain popular as evident in the displays at the APPA Roadshow. There were plenty of classic tote bags in different colours as well as those made with environmentally friendly materials. They can also be imprintable with new types of printing options.

Featured tote bag:

White Long Handle Cotton Bag with Colouring Pencils

Supplies are running out fast!

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