How to Attract Star Talent by Using Promotional Products

Recruiting with promotional products is a great way to promote your brand in recruitment drives and career fairs. A lot of companies participate in these HR events, so it is easy for your brand to get lost among the crowd. It is essential to get the word out about your company. And you can do this when you start recruiting with promotional products. Here are what you stand to gain when you do this:

Get access to committed and qualified talent

These days, companies also need to put in as much work as job applicants. Professionals, especially those from the millennial generation, are becoming more selective in their search for employers. It’s no longer just about the compensation and benefits. They also care about the company culture, contributions to society or environment, and room for growth. Get more star talent to apply by enticing them with promotional products. They are especially useful for career fairs and other recruitment drive initiatives.

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Peel back the layers of your brand

It is hard to get an idea of your company and what it stands for without promotion. When you give away promotional products that are reflective of your brand, it gives people a snapshot of what your company stands for. It also encourages potential employees to research more about your company and apply to your posting if they like what they see about you.

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Appear more approachable to job seekers

Mystery makes companies more daunting to apply to. Sure, you may think it gives off an aura of professionalism, but it’s only deterring star talent from applying. Job seekers are more enticed to apply to companies that they can see themselves as part of. Giving away promotional products is a good welcome gesture for interested applicants.

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Leave a good impression after interviews

Interviews are already nerve-wracking as they are for the job seekers. Give a token of appreciation for their hard efforts to win you over by giving them promotional recruitment products after the interview. These giveaways will make their job search experience a lot more positive while also painting your company as a good employer who appreciates employee contributions.

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Promotional products are not just beneficial for your marketing campaigns, but can also do wonders for your recruitment strategies. For your next job fair, start recruiting with promotional products to become the sought-after employers for top-notch talent. If you need help getting started on your promotional product campaign, you can reach us by phone on 02 8072 3350. Got ideas for your promo items already but don’t have time to search? You can fill up our form, and we’ll do the search for you.