How Promotional Products Can Transform Not-for-Profit Organisations

Not-for-profit and charity organisations may find it hard to justify shelling out money for promotional products when they are supposed to collect as much money as they can to raise funds for their cause. What they don’t know is that promotional products can help them meet their targets easier and faster.

How can promotional products help not-for-profit organisations? Promotional products are a more affordable and cost-effective way to promote your not-for-profit organisations. They can generate more impressions than traditional advertisements and digital ads with a more lasting power. They are also more popular with people as they serve useful to their recipients, unlike with ads which people do their best to avoid.

If you need further convincing, here are ways that promotional products can help your not-for-profit organisation reach its goals.

Promotional products generate exposure

Promotional products can increase brand awareness and reach multiple times over. They are typically useful items that people regularly use. By imprinting a logo or messaging on these items, you’ll be constantly exposing the user and the people around them to your branding unobtrusively. They don’t disrupt people’s lives, yet they are unavoidable unlike traditional advertisements. People would have to live like hermits to avoid being exposed to promotional products!

People donate more when given promotional products in return

The truth is most people won’t easily let go of their hard-earned money even if your organisation has the most world-changing causes. You may be able to persuade a few people but it certainly won’t be easy. Want to make the donors come to you instead? By giving them something in return, like free promotional merchandise. Promotional products when given as freebies make donors feel appreciated. No one ever turns down a good freebie, especially if they are in exchange for donating to causes.

Earn extra revenue with promotional products

Not-for-profit organisations can also generate revenue by selling branded merchandise. Not only will the promotional products promote your cause but they will also contribute to your fundraising initiatives. They also don’t cost a lot for either party: the organisation and the buyer/donor. Promotional products are relatively affordable and its prices go lower when bought in bulk. Organisations can then add a margin to increase their profits.

Promotional products can be informative

Promotional products serve as a representation of the brand. Sometimes, they can also inform people about their causes through the messages they print on them. Statistics and information can be easily printed on promo items, such as t-shirts, tote bags or cups. Moreover, they can also entice people to research more about the not-for-profit organisation.

Hit Your Fundraising Targets with Promotional Products!

Take your not-for-profit organisation to greater heights with promotional products. Promotional products help you connect to people on a deeper level while also helping you reach your targets. If you want a recommendation of promotional products for your upcoming campaign, take advantage of our Free Marketing Consultation. Fill out our online enquiry form here.