Be the preferred brand with branded merchandise!

Did you know that people prefer brands that they are more familiar with? According to the Mere Exposure effect, it is in our human nature to develop a preference for things simply because we are familiar with them. It doesn’t matter that the brand is not the best in the industry, people will automatically choose it over a lesser-known yet better-performing brand.

While we’re not saying that brand loyalty is the secret to success, it certainly helps in standing out from the competition. One way to build brand loyalty is through promotional products. According to a study by the Advertising Specialty Institute, people are more likely to do business with a brand after receiving branded merchandise. So if you want to become a household name, here are ways to keep customers coming back for more with promotional products.

1. Get to know your audience

Finding the perfect branded merchandise starts with getting to know your audience: their preferences, habits, and their needs. Using what you learn about them, you can choose the most effective promo items to fit their lifestyle. For example, if your clients are in the automotive space, you can for example give them torches, multi-tools, and tape measures.

2. Choose items that they will appreciate and use regularly

Part of what makes a promotional item effective is its frequency of use. The more a branded item is used, the longer that the user and the people around them are exposed to your logo, which will then improve brand recognition and loyalty. Choose essentials that they will use in their day-to-day life and work, such as reusable coffee cups, drink bottles, and plastic pens.

3. Be a brand that has character

A company is not automatically a brand. What makes a brand is the character and personality it conveys to its audience. Think of the popular global companies around: McDonald’s, Apple, and Coca-Cola. They are not just a fast-food chain, gadget manufacturer, and soft drinks company. Consumers look at them as if they were friends that they can rely on when they’re in need. Show what your brand stands for with statement promotional items, such as branded t-shirts and tote bags.

4. Communication is a two-way street

Aside from relaying your brand to your target audience, your target audience, in turn, has to be able to communicate with you. Keep the communication lines open by having proper communication channels in social media and email and responding to their concerns, inquiries, and feedback. Encourage them to continue the conversation by rewarding them with low-priced giveaways, such as magnets, keyrings, and plastic pens.

Maintain brand loyalty with branded merchandise!

Brand loyalty is easy to achieve with promotional merchandise. If you want to plan your promotional campaigns for next year, fill out the form at this link to get a free 1-hour consultation with our Account Managers. For inquiries, you can also contact us by phone or email.