What is Corporate Gifting?

Gift – it is an absolute word that translates to giving and receiving, in hopes that much thought and deliberation have been given in order to come up with one. In a world where we are surrounded by family, friends, colleagues, and other significant people, being presented a gift, regardless of its size, shape, or price tag, is always an indication that you were in someone else’s mind that day. And that is something that makes you feel special. That feeling of being remembered and appreciated.

In the corporate world, giving corporate gifts and other tokens is not uncommon. There are a variety of reasons for these gifts – a special occasion, an event, a brand launch, staff incentive programs, general giveaways, forging goodwill and stronger business relations, and many more. Corporate gifting is not limited within the company premises, but is especially effective when business partners, customers, or clients are involved. Whether giving presents to employees, clients, or even potential customers, there are some pointers to take into consideration to ensure that the recipient will find value in the gift.

How to Choose the Right Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifting doesn’t have to be a boring and tedious task. It is actually a way of exploring options and possibilities, as well as inviting creativity and improvisation. What are the corporate gifts you can give to your valued customers? There are countless gifts around, but before jumping into the first attractive idea for a gift that comes to mind, below are certain guidelines in choosing a gift to guarantee that the effort and money spent on the gifts will be worthwhile, at the same time ensuring that the person who received the gift is delighted and will remember you for a long time.

Planning ahead is key, and with proper and prompt planning, corporate gifting should be a breeze. Although there are tons of ideas for gifts, there are certain guidelines to take note of. This will help you decide what to give and who to give it to.

Know your purpose

What is your reason or purpose for the gift? Being able to lay this on the table sets you apart from careless gifting. Try to concretise what outcome you would want or expect after the gift has been received and acknowledged.

Make a shortlist

Will there be more than one recipient? Is this for a special event? Whatever it is, make a list of those you will be presenting the corporate gifts to. This will ensure that you will not miss anyone who should have been on the list.

Set a budget and stick to it

Now that you have defined your purpose and made the list, set a budget and as much as possible, stick to it. This will avoid overspending or even worse, underspending. Either will just make your efforts futile and you might not reap the fruits of your gifting labour.

Determine best gift for each

Being able to set the gifting budget, list down gift choices for each recipient. This will enable you to be more thoughtful of what to give by also listing gift possibilities and eventually choosing for the best. If time and creativity will allow it, be as unique as you can. Will it be a personal food basket? A custom-labelled wine? A special chocolate and nut selection? Or a custom-moulded flash drive? You will feel proud of yourself once you have accomplished this task.

Include a unique and memorable message

The message that goes with the gift should be as valuable as the gift itself. A hand-written note with a special message will go a long way.

Judge the gift by its wrapper

How the gift is presented should not be undermined. Will it be wrapped in special paper? A customised ribbon perhaps? Packaging speaks volumes, so make sure the gift is appropriately wrapped or packed as carefully and thoughtfully as you chose the gift.

Personal delivery

Although not always necessary, if the recipient is of a reasonable distance from you, why not present the gift yourself? This will add that exceptional touch and complete the corporate gifting experience.

Corporate gifting doesn’t have to be expensive. Whether it’s cheap or expensive, it is the thought that counts. What’s important is the heart and mind you put into it. You may go back and forth on the guidelines above just to guarantee you have covered all bases, but you will get better as time goes by. Aside from making your customers or staff happy, you will also get satisfaction from knowing your purpose for giving the gifts, and acting on it.