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Branded bags are some of the most effective and useful promotional products, which is what makes them popular among brands and consumers alike. For consumers, promotional bags are useful items that provide convenience and make their lives easier. For brands, they are powerful marketing tools that generate plenty of exposure and advertising mileage.

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Branding Options for Branded Bags

Screen printing: Screen printing involves UV inks being applied directly to the surface of the promotional bags through a fine screen mesh. It applies one colour at a time and each additional colour requires another mesh screen. It is ideal for one-colour logos and images, but can also accommodate multi-colour designs.

Digital transfer: Digital transfer works by printing an image on a special foil and transferring the image on an item through hot pressing. It is mostly recommended for orders of small quantities.

Digital printing: Digital printing directly prints the logo or image on the surface of the item. It has no limitations when it comes to reproducing vivid full-colour and complex logos and designs. It also accommodates variable data {such as individual names or numbers) and low order quantities.

Embroidery: Embroidery is a unique branding option for branded bags. It has a high-perceived value that elevates your gift or giveaway to make a good impression on the recipients. It involves reproducing your logo or image by stitching threads onto the fabric with the use of computerised embroidery machines. It only requires one setup fee for each position with a maximum of 12 thread colours.

Supacolour: Supacolour is an innovation to the digital transfer process with results that can’t be replicated by other methods. It is capable of reproducing unlimited-colour and complex logos or images through heat-applied transfer. What is unique about Supacolour is that it allows fine details without weeding.

Supaetch: Supaetch offers an understated yet high-perceived value look to your branded bags. It is a laser-etched suede patch of your logo or image, which is then laser-cut and overlocked onto your promo items.

Supasub: Supasub takes embroidery to the next level. It allows for logos and images with very fine details and text, gradients, or shapes to be reproduced with an embroidered finish. It is also more lightweight than traditional embroidery.

Laser engraving: Leather promotional bags can benefit from the high-perceived value and sophistication that laser engraving offers. It is a permanent branding option that will never fade or wear off. It also allows for variable data, such as individual numbers or names, making your promo bags extremely personalised to the receiver.