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Trendy Custom Drawstring Bags in Australia

If your brand wants to stay on trend, promoting it using personalised drawstring bags is the way to go! Whatever colour, size, style, or price point of custom printed drawstring bags you’re looking for, you’ll find them on the Brandconnect website. With our Shop Smarter & Faster features, you can easily find what you’re looking for in our hundreds of bags. Just type in your search term in the search box on top or adjust the filters on the left.

Promotional drawstring bags are trendy and versatile bags suitable as giveaways and gifts for schools, universities, libraries, gyms, fitness clubs, outdoor events, trade shows, and supermarkets. They are lightweight and stylish while also utilitarian as they can be used for a wide range of activities. These drawstring bags make for effective marketing tools due to their bright colours and large surface areas, perfect for making a statement with your brand or design.

Prepare for the limitless advertising mileage your brand will get when you market with drawstring bags. With our high-quality collection, exceptional customer service, and added perks, feel the Brandconnect Difference when you shop!

Types of Custom Drawstring Bags in Australia

Brandconnect has a vast collection of drawstring bags where you’ll find virtually every colour, style, size, and price point available. Here are just some of the types of drawstring bags you’ll find on our website.

Eco-friendly Drawstring Bags: Eco-friendly drawstring bags are made of earth-friendly materials, such as jute, calico and unbleached cotton. Advertisers that give away eco-friendly promo items are proven to get better perception from recipients, while also helping the environment.

Foldable Drawstring Bags: Foldable drawstring bags can be easily stored if not in use. They make for ideal giveaways for supermarkets.

Colouring Drawstring Bags: For libraries, schools, and children’s events, colouring drawstring bags are the best way to achieve brand awareness. They are the perfect giveaways for children and children at heart.

Full-Colour Drawstring Bags: Full-colour drawstring bags are created to gain maximum brand visibility. These are bags that brands can freely customise as the whole surface can be printed on with logos, images, or messaging. If brands want mobile advertisements in the form of bags, these drawstring bags would be it.

Biodegradable Drawstring Bags: Not to be outdone with just being made from sustainable material, biodegradable bags are made to dissolve with time. Therefore, it won’t be adding to our growing problem of overfilled waste sites. Biodegradable drawstring bags are a great way for brands to demonstrate their care for the environment and their customers.

Branding Options for Custom Drawstring Bags

Screen Print: Screen print is a good branding option for logos and images with only one colour. It can also be used for multi-colour designs, but it will require an additional screen per colour. It is ideal for large solid areas of colour, including flat and cylindrical items. Screen printers can also PMS match colours on white and light-coloured items. Items can be shipped immediately after printing.

Digital Transfer: If your logo or image is too detailed for screen printing, you can choose digital transfer as your branding option. It reproduces an image by printing on a special transfer paper and then transferring it onto the product using a heat transfer method.

Supacolour: Complex and vivid images with fine details, gradient effects, and text can be reproduced with Supacolour. It uses the heat transfer method, but unlike traditional heat transfer, it can reproduce minute details without a problem.

Sublimation: Sublimation is similar to digital transfer but uses sublimation dyes. Its dyes don’t have buildup and can look a part of the product naturally. Vivid full-colour logos and images and variable data (e.g. individual names and numbers) can be reproduced using this branding option. Despite the number of colours of the design, it only has one setup fee.

Pad Printing: Pad printing is an affordable branding option for one to two-colour logos and designs. It can print on jagged, uneven, and curved items. It can also match PMS colours on white and light-coloured items.

Full-Colour Digital Printing: Vivid full-colour logos and images can be printed directly on items, thanks to digital printing. It is a printing method that is unmatched when it comes to durability, a wide range of colours, fine details, variable data, and order quantity. It can also print on dark items.

Embroidery: Embroidery is a branding option that involves stitching threads into the fabric using a computerised machine to reproduce multi-colour logos or designs. It has a high-perceived value, making your item look more impressive than it is.